What Happens When You Get A Fiverr Dispute And Lose Rank

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Damiano is going to reveal to you what happens when you get a Fiverr dispute and lose rank.

It is disappointing for any seller on Fiverr when a customer wants to cancel an order. It’s all about setting the client’s expectations correctly. Most of the time when a client wants to cancel an order, it is because the client is getting something that he did not think he is going to get.

Fiverr is out there to make money and when the order gets cancelled, Fiverr also does not make money and that is why they do not tolerate any cancellations and they are going to reward you if you save the order.

If you lose the order, that will affect your cancellation rate. If your it goes under 90%, there is a chance for you to lose your level. As a result, you will lose traffic and your revenue will go down.

The #1 thing to prevent this is to manage client’s expectations. A very good strategy is add a line in your gig that asks your clients to send you a message before they place an order. You need to have a very good communication with the client and to make sure you understand each other.

You have to get more clients, over deliver and get more 5 star reviews. Moreover, you have to double down the communication and the time you spend on the platform. Fiverr wants to see that people who lose their levels are going out of their way to regain their levels and are working extra hard on the platform.

You don’t want to make any major changes on your profile, because that’s going to derank your gigs. You need to have better communication with your clients and push them towards purchasing from you and offer a much better service. That is what is going to bring your level back.

If you are a level 2 seller, you are allowed to have 20 gigs. But, if you are a level 1 seller, you can have a maximum of 10 gigs. The amount of money you make on Fiverr is based on the level that you have.

When you lose your level, Fiverr will give you 48 hours to pause 10 of your gigs. If you don’t pause them, then the Fiverr algorithm will pause them automatically according to the gig that get least impressions.

After you get back to level 2, you can reactivate the gigs. It takes about a week for the gigs to get back their ranking and to start getting impressions and views. That is why you should not pause your top selling gigs.

Sometimes, there are situations when a client ordered your gig and does not respond. In this case, you should start working and when you deliver, you will get your money.

The key is to play the algorithm, over deliver and keep your best gigs running. In addition to that, you should always run a second funnel. You need to run multiple funnels. Your business is running funnels for your agency.

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