Dimitar Runs an Explainer Video Agency

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My name is Dimitar and I own a studio for Explainer videos, this means we create videos for other companies and we help them get more leads, get more sales, increase their revenue. Before I started this business, I was working for somebody else and for quite some time I was thinking that I really ought to start something on my own because I liked the idea of being able to make my own decisions in business. I want the amount of money that I earn to depend on me and on how well I perform. And at the same time, to be able to have the freedom if I want to, let’s say, to travel, to decide when which days I’m going to work, which days I’m not going to work. All of these good things that all of us are really striving to achieve. The thing was that I was not really committed to that vision. The key word is that I liked the idea but I didn’t really want it yet.

In the end of 2016 though, I lost somebody really close to me and that gave me a reality check. It’s unfortunate how, when something like that happens, it’s often the thing that you need to kind of put a fire you under your ass and to get you to start moving and to start actually executing and doing things in life. I told myself, hey I really need to quit working for this other company, which by the way, it was a great employer, they were paying me very well, Especially for the place where I’m living, which is Bulgaria. I also had the flexibility but like I said, I really wanted to have something on my own. I really wanted to be able to make my own decisions without having to report to somebody else. 

At that moment I decided, hey I need to quit this company, I really need to start something, to start doing something where the revenues depend on my own performance. I wanted to be able to, to be able, if needed, to support my family. And also, because I kind of realized from losing that person how life is very brief, it’s much shorter than we think. Sooner or later, and it’s much better if it’s sooner, we gotta start doing what we really want to do. And so that gave me the commitment and I decided that I’m going to implement what they teach in BMI, and I’m going to start a business based on one of their business models and that’s the Explainer video studio business model. 

And in BMI, what I really loved about it is that they taught me absolutely all of the basics and even beyond the basics of what I need to get started with my business. And to grow it up until a point where I was getting enough revenues and profits so that I can sustain myself. I can have the kind of lifestyle that I want to have and that basically, I feel like I am definitely financially stable. What does that mean? Basically I learn the basics, the basic structure of the business model. I learned how I can recruit and select the right people that can help me, in my team, that can help me provide a very quality and premium service that my clients are super happy about. 

In fact, a lot of my clients were very eager to provide me with a video testimonial, just like the one that I’m creating right now for BMI just because they were very happy with my service. I learned how to deliver the service. I also learned how to do lead generation with a method that’s proven to work, that taps into a source of leads that already know they need the service and that’s just one of the sources that’s being taught in BMI. There is a bunch of other sources for lead-gen. The most valuable thing that I learned from BMI is how to actually close the contract, how to actually get the other person to commit to doing business with you and to start working with you. And that’s basically sales and I learned approvance, step by step step process that all the BMI members use when they get in calls and when they need to actually sell their service, and I implemented this process. Whenever I had some questions there was, basically on every step, whenever I had a challenge, I could find very easily the needed information in the BMI community or on any of the calls with the instructors. 

It was a really good way for a complete newbie in sales like me, to learn and to be able to close sales for pretty much like, mid four figure videos. All of this allowed me to go from a point, where I was a complete newbie, in setting up a business, in entrepreneurship to being able to focus on the important things, knowing what I need to improve, know what I need to learn. And then I knew that it’s all a matter of implementing it and yes, I started getting results very very fast, within the first couple of weeks that I started really putting in the time. And I gotta say, you gotta put in the time off course, there’s nothing magical about, it’s just practical skills and lessons that you need to implement and that does take time and commitment. 

That’s why I started by saying that, yeah I had been thinking about starting something on my own but it’s when I really got committed and then I decided, yes I’m doing this and yes I’m going to do, I’m going to implement whatever I learnt from BMI, that’s when I got the results. Really helped me to gain this feeling of financial stability in my life. It helped me to quit my job. It helped me to sustain my lifestyle. It helped me to help others around me and I cannot be more grateful to BMI because I can honestly say that without BMI I’m not sure if I would have been able to set up this Explainer video studio business that I have now. 

I did have some doubts before I was joining and my main doubt was, would I really be able to do and to be successful with what was being taught in BMI? I knew that there were other people that were successful with it, I actually knew some of them, that’s how I knew about BMI, but was it really for me? And to be honest, the only thing that let me go beyond these doubts is this commitment that I gained from that unfortunate event in my life. It was like I completely forgot about my doubts and I knew that this is the thing that I needed to do. I just didn’t have any other choice and so I put in the time, put in the effort and with the help of BMI I established this business. I have to say that the community of BMI is absolutely amazing.

In the Facebook group, any time I have a question I could have just posted it in the Facebook group, there were always very helpful answers from the different members and from the instructors. There are always different calls each week and each call is on a different topic. So let’s say, if I had a question about sales I could get on a call about sales, I have a question about lead-gen, I could get on a call about that. About delivery, there’s a call about that as well. It’s a very very very supportive community and at the same time, not supportive in a way that’s like lame and like for being people that are being too soft to you. It’s the kind of support that you really need. In other words, if you’re acting like a bitch, the people will tell you and to just do what’s needed to be done to get your business to the next level. 

I would say that if you are somebody who wants to achieve more freedom in your life, who wants to be independent from your boss or from your current company, who wants to be an active thinker, who wants to be responsible for your own life, definitely BMI can be a great place to learn all of the things that you need to learn to gain the mental resources to be able to achieve that. It basically helped me quite a lot, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.