This is How Dimitar Quit His Well-Paying Job and Created a Successful Explainer Video Studio

I wanted to share with you a story from Dimitar, who is one of our Business Mentor Insider (BMI) members. I really think you will like his story and maybe you will be able to resonate a lot with some of his struggles. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom, the story ends well!

Dimitar runs his own studio that sells a service to create explainer videos, this means they create videos for other companies that help them get more leads, get more sales, and increase their revenue. Before he started this business, he was working for somebody else, and for some time he was thinking that he really wanted to start something on his own. 

Dimitar liked the idea of being able to make his own decisions about his life. He wanted to have the freedom to be able to travel and to decide which days he was going to work. He really wanted to be able to make his own decisions without having to report to somebody else. These were his main motivators. However, it wasn’t until the end of 2016 that he finally found the motivation to get started. He had recently lost somebody really close to him and that gave him a reality check that he needed to “put a fire under his ass” to get himself to start moving and to start actually executing and doing things in his life. 

Dimitar left his well-paying job and joined BMI.  He decided that he was going to implement what he learned in BMI, and was going to start a business based on one of the BMI business models, which he decided was going to be the ‘explainer video studio’ business model.

What Did He Learn from BMI? 

In BMI, Dimitar really loved how they taught him all of the basics and even beyond the basics of what he needed to get started with his business. These skills allowed him to gain the knowledge required to be able to grow his business up until the point where he was getting enough revenues and profits so that he could sustain himself financially. Specifically, he learned the structure of the business model he was going to use, and how to recruit and select the right freelancers that can help you deliver a quality service to clients. 

Another key learning for Dimitar was how to sell your services to clients. He first learned how to do lead generation effectively, using a method that’s proven to work, that taps into a source of leads that already know they need the service. He then learned how to actually close the contract and get the client to commit to doing business with you. Dimitar says that by implementing these sales techniques he started getting results very fast, within the first couple of weeks that he started with BMI. He says that there is nothing magical about what you learn, it’s just practical skills and lessons that you need to implement. It does take time and commitment. 

A great benefit from joining BMI according to Dimitar is the access you get to other entrepreneurs. Whenever he had some questions or a challenge there was someone in the community that he could talk to about it by getting on a call with an instructor. The BMI Facebook group is a great resource as well, any time he had a question he could post it in the Facebook group, there were always very helpful answers from the different members and from the instructors.  In BMI there are always different calls each week that you can join on different topics, so if he had a question about sales he could get on a call about sales.  The community is very supportive, but at the same time, they are not afraid to tell you the hard truths if you need to hear them in order to get your business to the next level. 

Did He Have Any Doubts About Joining BMI?

Dimitar says that he did have some doubts before he joined the program. His main doubts were would he be able to do what was needed to be successful and would the program be able to help him. However, he knew that there were other people that had been successful with it, and he even knew some other members. This really helped him to make the leap and join up. The best thing you can do if you have any doubts he says is to get on a call with a BMI instructor, they will be able to answer all of your questions and they don’t push you into anything.

Would He Recommend Other People Join BMI?

Dimitar says that if you are somebody who wants to achieve more freedom in your life, who wants to be independent of your boss or from your current company, who wants to be an active thinker then definitely join. BMI can be a great place to learn all of the things that you need to learn to gain the mental resources to be able to achieve success. He says that without BMI he is not sure if he would have been able to set up his Explainer video studio business that he has now. The BMI community is absolutely amazing, he says.

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