Daniel Runs a Goolge Ads Marketing Agency

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My name is Daniel and I run a Google Ads marketing agency helping businesses get more leads, get more subscriptions, and ultimately sales and paying customers to grow their business, and fulfill their vision. Ultimately, that became possible just because at a certain time of my life. I got in touch with BMI, with Alex and other BMI instructors, and they helped me and supported me through my goal of actually developing this business.

Before I joined BMI, I didn’t have any marketing knowledge, maybe just a little bit from what I saw, but overall any marketing knowledge, I didn’t have any business knowledge whatsoever. I actually didn’t understand the idea of business overall. What I wanted for myself is I wanted to have a free life, a life full of opportunities and I didn’t want to get stuck in the job even after I finished the army, which I was at the time and I realized this is not for me.

I knew I had to learn certain skills, specific high income skills that are in demand, no matter what country I am in. And basically, skills that are solid. I wanted to have the solid foundation. Initially I was looking into photography, videography, into doing that, but soon, then transition to advertising because I didn’t know at the time you can just start working in the advertising industry right away.

Once I stumbled in the summer 2017, I stumbled upon Alex’s video content, one of the seminars he did when he actually talked about starting your first business, and the rocks in the water that you can expect from this. One of the things he was talking about is actually, you cannot start your first business and expect it to go smoothly right away, if it’s your first business.

The most effective way to learn business and to have that life, develop those skills is actually to use a proven business model that worked for many other people, that’s a comprehensive system, and learn this business model from the people directly. Not like some courses which I took a lot at the time, but actually directly speaking to people. The people who already have achieved the success that you’re after, or even better. So, I got interested in this and I got on a call with one of the instructors. It was really a bizarre situation because I was guarding at the desert at the day. But in any case, it was just an amazing call. We spoke with that person about my goals, my vision for the next five years.

What am I trying to achieve, and we were assessing, okay, is this a good fit for the Mastermind, is a good fit for me to join right now? And what will happen? How the process would look like and basically we were discussing every step of the way. One of the reasons I joined several months after that call, and that call I already was committed to join because I understood the value of mentors. And I wanted to get a mentor for myself that already has achieved success, that will show me the ways so to say. But again, it’s true.

If you want to save time, save resources and not make all of the mistakes that other people made before you, you need to work with the mentor, and you need to collaborate. It’s like when you’re a child, your mother, your father like teach you stuff, and then you have a lot more advanced friend in the field, let’s say sports, socializing, or I don’t know, science, and you learn from that directly. You probably had that experience and you understand why is this so valuable?

In the end of January, 2018, I joined BMI. Those were my first days. And I was still in the army. And this made some complications, especially when you have to be the majority of the time at the base and it really complicates business. But I have no regrets for joining at the time because I learned so much and not everything, like the majority of the stuff I learned is not related to sitting at a computer all the time, and working on specific technical Google Ad skills.

Although there was a lot of time invested in this, the big things I learned from BMI is actually, quality of communication, is actually understanding where you stand, how you present yourself, what you communicate to other people, what is their experience and basically, analyzing, and analyzing, analyzing the stuff. Discover from speaking to more advanced members, you discover things that you would never even could think about unless you’d invest multiple years of your life discovering this. So, it’s a huge time-saver, it was for me.

Apart from that I learned business strategy, business development skills, a lot of marketing skills, not only in the Google Ads side, Facebook Ads, general marketing strategy. How to use it and overall, learning skills.Being humble and learning how to learn. How, I don’t know how that sounds to you, but it’s actually a skill because some people, it’s hard to teach them because they don’t acquire the information properly. And I think I had the traits, those traits, and that was the reason I didn’t progress as fast as other members, but inevitably, I was committed of doing the work to do what’s necessary to develop those skills and get the level of success I’m after. And so, although it might have taken me more time than other members, I’m really happy that I stuck to it’cause right now I’m working with eight clients.

Overall, we’re adding new accounts this and next month. We’re expecting to add some new accounts working with a team of four people. And a few days ago, also hired project manager, so it’s five people working, collaborating on a daily basis. All of this just wouldn’t be possible if I wouldn’t join BMI, and I wouldn’t put in the work and actually learn of the stuff directly from people. It just would have taken me years of trial and error to, and probably I’ll go broke at sometime just because I would make a stupid mistake that you just heard from instructors and other members, just not to make room to start.

If you are considering of joining, what do you need to have? To be successful you need to have first of all, you need to have a vision. You need to know where you are going. You need to be committed to putting in the work. And although the community is just incredible, the quality of people in the Mastermind is just incredible and everyone helps each other, and we joke around. We do business development calls. We help each other with the marketing strategy with basically, every aspect of business. You need to be able to first learn, and at the same time contribute value because this is a community. We help each other and we want people who are action-takers, not just content consumers, it isn’t just a course. It’s like you collaborate. You talk with people on a daily basis and you form relationships and that is the reason why you grow so fast ’cause you have so much personalized attention. I don’t know any other place that you will be able to get so much personalized attention from this kind of quality people.

So, you need to have the ability to learn and the desire.Maybe you don’t have full ability right now. Maybe you’re not as effective as I were back then, but you need to have a burning to desire to do this,to learn those skills, learn how to learn. Learn marketing development, but mostly to run a business, and have the life that you want. Having that desire you will be able to cope with the initial work you have to put in.

Overall, later work you have to put in, because again, although how awesome this may not be, how awesome it is to be in this community, you still will have to put in the work. You can’t expect let’s say, other members or instructors to put in the work for you. Everyone helps you but you need to be committed to this. Have a burning desire. Know why you’re doing this, what kind of life you’re after. Be willing to put in the work to develop those skills. Those I think are the most two valuable traits, two. If you’re considering joining, after you do, again, just if you want, just send me an initial message. And yeah, me and the other members will help you get started.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.