This Is How Roman Created a Thriving Facebook Marketing Agency (While Living in 6 Different Countries)

I wanted to share with you Roman’s story. Roman is from Germany and is 29 years old, he runs his own online agency which offers Facebook ads as a service and also copywriting services for clients. This is his story…

Before he joined Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) he was a university student and says he wasn’t really enjoying it. He says he hated going to university, and it started to make him depressed. He was short on money, and his only income source was from a part-time minimum wage job working at the university. He came across BMI and after some research into the program he joined up.

He has been a member of BMI for about three years now and in those three years, he’s lived in six different countries, including Spain and Poland. Right now, he is living in Bulgaria and running his agency which currently has six clients.

His agency works with clients in a range of industries and they are signing up new ones on a regular basis. He has worked with his clients for a long time now, and he credits BMI with learning how to deliver good results to clients and how to communicate effectively with them. 

According to Roman, the most valuable thing he learned from BMI was how to generate leads and how to approach clients. And, just as importantly how to select the right clients to work with, because there are a lot of businesses out there that it will be difficult to get results for them. Thanks to BMI he learned how to find the right clients to work with.

Roman says the BMI community is a great resource to get help with business problems and to bounce ideas off each other. His flatmate right now is in BMI and he says he never would have met him without joining the mastermind. The connections you make in BMI are a great reason to join the program he says.

Roman says that he had some doubts before joining the BMI program. He had never paid for an online course before so he was concerned if it would really work. He also wanted to know if the people behind the program were genuine and how much value he would actually get out of the program. He started watching Aleks’ YouTube videos and remembered that he had actually met Alek a couple of months before at an event in Stockholm. So at least now he knew he was real! He watched more and more of the BMI videos and then decided that he would give it a shot. He applied online and then had an introduction call with Alek. Roman says joining BMI was a great decision.

Who Should Join BMI?

Roman would recommend BMI to everyone who is interested in learning more about business, especially online business. It is for anyone who wants to start an online business or if you already have an online business and you want to grow it. The coaching you get access to is an amazing resource, there are many great coaches in the group. 

According to Roman, If you want to join a business group, where people are there to actually help each other then BMI is a great program to join. He says everyone’s incredibly open and people like to share the progress they make, and what they have learned. 

Online business is such a fast-changing industry with new technologies being released almost every day. Things change all the time, things that maybe worked a couple of months ago won’t necessarily work today, so it’s a good thing to stay up to date with new technologies and ways of doing business. BMI will help you with this Roman says. 

So, Do You Want to Grow Your Business Just like Roman Did?

If so, I have good news! We can teach you the same lessons that we taught Roman and introduce you to the same amazing group of business mentors that helped him grow his business. I am not going to lie; it won’t be easy - it will take lots of hard work. But it can be done.

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Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.