Roman Runs a Facebook Ads and Copywriting Agency

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My name is Roman. I’m from Germany. I’m 29 years old and I run an agency. And in that agency we offer Facebook ads as a service and also copywriting for clients. I’ve been a member of BMI for about three years now and in those three years I’ve lived in six different countries. For example, in Barcelona in Spain. I’ve spent six months in Krakow in Poland.

Right now, I’m living in Bulgaria and I am right now I’m working with five or six clients and the results that we’re getting for them is really good. We’re successful, so for example, working with a relationship coach at the moment and we’re generating several hundred leads every day for that coach and getting on the front end with her advertising. We’re getting about a 18X ROI, which is almost unheard of. So, that’s really good results.

Another client is in the finance niche and I’ve been working with that client for about 10, 11 months now and yep. So, it’s a really long-term client which is something you don’t see a lot I think when it comes to Facebook advertising. A lot of clients, they just jump from agency to agency because they’re never satisfied. Thanks to BMI I’m able to deliver good results and also I learned a lot about project management and expectation handling. How to talk to the clients so they know what results to expect. 

The most valuable thing I’ve learned in BMI is probably how to generate leads and how to approach clients and how to select the right clients because there are a lot of businesses out there that maybe they’re not ready yet for my services or even if I did work with them maybe it will difficult to get results for them.

Thanks to BMI I learned how to find the right clients and then when I talk to them on a call how to filter out the right clients that I want to work with and that I can get results for. So, my flat mate right now, he’s in BMI and I never would have met him without the mastermind. And we’ve been living together for one and a half years now. The networking and the communities, I haven’t seen it in any other mastermind before. 

So, before I joined I was a university student. I was really not satisfied. I hated going to university. I would even say I was depressed. I was living in Germany and kind of stuck there. I didn’t make any money. I mean, I had, I was working at the university but I was getting paid I think the minimum wage of eight euros per hour and usually I had to work more hours than I was actually getting paid for. It was not a great position to be in and then I joined the BMI group and within a few weeks I got my first sale. I got my first client. And then about six months later I started traveling, so I had enough cash flow to travel and I moved in with other entrepreneurs in Barcelona, with three other people into a shared house.

So, those were the results that I got initially and now it’s been three years since then. I’m still making enough money to live the life that I want to live. It’s not just about money but I also have, I found a lot of fun in marketing and learning marketing as a skill. And also, yeah, I’m getting new clients on a regular basis and I’m able to deliver good results for them and help their business grow.

My doubts before joining the BMI group, I was concerned. I had never bought anything on the internet like this. I mean, of course I ordered, I’ve ordered something on Amazon before, but I’ve never bought an info-product or anything education, anything like that. So, I was concerned would this really work? Were the people real? How much value will I get? I had all these questions. I saw Aleks’ YouTube videos and I remembered that I had actually met Aleks a couple months before that on an event at Stockholm. And so, I knew he was real. And I watched more and more of his videos and then I just gave it shot basically. I think I applied online and had an introduction call with him and then I decided to join. Yeah, it was a great decision.

Who this is for? I think this is for everyone who is interested in learning more about business, especially online business and who wants to start an online business or if you already have an online business and you want to grow it, there are so many great coaches in the group that will help you learn and it will be able to identify where your business, there’s growth potential which will help you grow your business.

Also, if you wanted to join a business group, where people there are actually helping each other. Everyone’s very open, they share the progress they make, the learnings that they have. Online business is such a fast changing thing that new things, there are new technologies every day. Things change all the time, things that maybe didn’t work but that worked a couple months ago that today don’t work anymore so we always, we share what we’re learning and it’s really helpful to stay up to date like that and then you can always keep making progress.

Aleksander Vitkin

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