The Reason YouTube Is Starting Brick and Mortar Studios Near You and Why You Need a Video Blog

If you’re not on YouTube yet, you can start now and ride the tidal wave of opportunity that is a platform that will make TV irrelevant very soon.

Now before you say “this is just a press release for YouTube”, rest assured, the purpose of this article is to get you on board with getting the most out of YouTube for your business. So keep reading.

YouTube Is The Future

It’s not going to be cats doing cartwheels and movie trailers forever. YouTube is changing its relationship to media and opening up STUDIOS all over the world. It’s putting power in the hands of the creative people of the world. All you have to do is get a certain amount of views on YouTube and get approved to go there and record your footage in a professional studio, for free.

It’s building relationships with every form of media from the newspaper to the radio show. It’s becoming the new television. Self-improvement companies, meditation training, fitness videos, musicians, and many others are jumping in the YouTube revolution and building their empires with nearly daily video blogs.

You as an entrepreneur need to always being tuning into MASSIVE opportunities such as this one. This is the reason it’s important to familiarize yourself with this new revolution.

THE Premiere Medium For The Creative Class

In the next 2-3 years, YouTube is going to begin to offer premium services, teaming up with Hollywood producers, television studios, and high quality video artists to create a higher benchmark for content on the site.

As mentioned before, they’ve already opened the “YouTube Space” to allow talented video bloggers to get their work out on a high quality stage provided by YouTube itself. With this, we will begin to see YouTube as essentially the premiere service for video of any type, from your own homemade tapes at a family picnic to Hollywood level produced content. It is truly becoming a service of the people.

And as a service of the people, YOU can use it however you like to improve your business. Company videos, behind the scenes footage, documentary style in-depth looks at your company – you can do it all. In fact, you should do it all.

You Can Become As Influential As Your Idols

How will this affect you? This means that you yourself can learn the skills needed to be on the same platform as Hollywood. YouTube is open to all. You can train yourself to generate limitless content on YouTube, build a following, shoot a video almost everyday, and take your niche by storm.

You can accrue as many subscribers as your favorite celebrity, and indeed by noticed by more people than you could ever reach by painstakingly adding Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or posting an Instagram photo every 10 minutes.

Celebrity Example 1: Russell Brand

Don’t just take it from me, however – celebrities have jumped into the mix as well.  An excellent example of the power of spontaneous YouTube creation coupled with continuously relevant and refreshing content is actor/comedian Russell Brand’s video blog, The Trews. In it, he selects random articles from popular British newspapers and discusses them at length.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but often with a tinge of reflective optimism, Brand uses his YouTube channel as an opportunity to speak “off the record” with his fans and, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of YouTube videos, the world itself.

Broadness of Topics

Brand often takes questions from his viewers on a broad range of topics, from the nature of human consciousness to whether we should use hand cream on our face. The channel itself is a daily expression of Brand and his supporters, while also in a medium that is both easy to produce (for Brand’s company) and consume (for Brand’s fans).

Controversy Is Welcomed

Recently, Brand has been taking aim at Fox News and dissecting the opinions and work of Bill O’Reilly. Regardless of what side of the issues you belong to, what should stand out is the fact that through the power of YouTube, Brand has essentially created his own daily TV show with practically NO overhead and as much content as he pleases. This is just one example of where YouTube is not only headed for celebrities, but your company as well – if you use it correctly.

Celebrity Example 2: Bill Gates

A great YouTube channel doesn’t always have to be slanted towards comedy or controversial issues, however. Let’s say that you as a young entrepreneur want to begin an educational service around an issue like technology. Bill Gates has recently begun releasing YouTube work at a rapid rate, discussing everything from his favorite books to environmentalism on a series called “The Gates Notes“.

The Easiest Format To Send A Message

His level of influence is clear, because unlike Brand’s essentially “one man show”, Gates has heavy hitter friends such as Warren Buffet and Bill Nye come by and give candid interviews.

He discusses education in foreign countries, conflict resolution, and of course the future of technology. Gates blog is a great example of the power of a consistent YouTube blog to discuss pressing issues for the developing world, while also offering a higher quality of production with each video.

A clear and value-offering message, high quality production, and consistent output. Gates delivers a blueprint that every single entrepreneur reading this can use to their advantage and begin expanding their influence immediately.

Read The Signals

So, do you think people like Bill Gates and Russell Brand NEED to be on YouTube? Of course not, they’re already very established people in their respective fields. So why do they do this?

Because they know what you and I need know – YouTube is the future of media and self-promotion. It is going to change the way business is handled in every aspect. In fact, it already has. Armed with this knowledge, your company can take on a power and offering of value that might not have been possible as recently as 2-3 years ago.

Take a few minutes and consider what you’ve read here today. Do you have a YouTube channel? If not, get one. If yes, are you delivering content that can reach the largest possible audience (which, as YouTube becomes bigger, is fully possible)? Are you ready for the future?

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.