Alert! Overwhelm Has Replaced Ignorance

Back 5 years ago, the coolest job on the block for new entrepreneurs was “Digital Marketer”. Business owners were fairly naive back then, and you could go to them and say “like bro, did you know you can use marketing techniques to triple your conversions on your website?” And they’d be like “wow really? You’re hired! Here’s 50% of my business, just weave your magic and make it rain for me!”

However, as the title says, ignorance is dead. The jig is up. Business owners are more than familiar with marketing techniques, and they know that anyone with a few months experience in online marketing can implement decent funnels using click funnels or thrive themes or something similar. Websites can easily be made to look great by someone without any experience using, again, thrive themes or something similar. Copywriting perhaps can make a business stand out, but only if the business has a super unique new big idea to spread. Otherwise, the copy is going to sound the same no matter who wrote it. Advertising probably still has some push. But overall, thesy typical marketing services aren’t particularly valued anymore.

You need to come in with a different offer. Because you need to solve a different problem. The biggest problem is no longer ignorance or a lack of good marketing. The biggest problem is now simply overwhelm.

Not a particularly interesting problem, but the fact is, this is the biggest problem. Business owners know exactly what they need to do, god knows they’ve watched a billion YouTube videos by all the gurus telling them exactly the same thing day after day, but they’re only one person, and the quality of most employees and contractors is, let’s be honest, terrible, so what they really need is an extremely competent implementer, to basically come in, win their trust and say:

“In our conversations I’ve understood exactly what you need done. I have the experience, the skills, the team and the connections to achieve every outcome you’ve said you require in 12 months. Hire me and you can consider it done. I’ll take everything off your hands while you can return to innovation.”

So this is something you can begin to offer business owners. Now, there’s a pro and a con to this.

Let’s start with the con. It’s much, much more difficult. You could probably stay selling marketing services for a few more years until it dries up, and you’ll have a much easier time making sales, and a much easier time delivering the service. If you choose to go with fully taking over the implementation of someone’s business, you’ll need some extreme skills. Not the kind of skills that you’ll get from some cheap course and chatting with someone for a couple of weeks.

You’ll need a complete education. Of course, this is something I offer, and you can find out more about that one my website.

Now, let me talk about the pro. One of our principles at business mentor insiders, is that you’re not just building a business, you’re learning business skills that will last you a lifetime, that will allow you to run extremely complex projects in the future. Projects that can let you earn 7 and 8 figure incomes, as my students have done and are currently doing.

So if you embark on this journey, if you choose to essentially “go to the next level” of business service, then you’ll truly master business and essentially have everything you need to potentially run one of the billion dollar companies of the future.

What I want you to begin doing, is choosing with certainty which level of business service you want to offer. Marketing services and completely fine, and I still recommend that you start with them. However, I suggest that you place your eye on offering full business services, meaning you will essentially build a team that can go into any business doing millions of dollars in revenue, and essentially rework their entire operations to be better in every single way. Risky, difficult, confusing… but are you in business to do easy things? Or are you here to become one of the great entrepreneurs of the future?

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.