Why Is Coronavirus Fatal in “Advanced” Western Countries?

This is what it sounds like when an entrepreneur wants to solve a problem (video).

This is a known problem.

This is a predicted problem.

We have known about this problem for years.

The problem has been solved in several countries in reality, and worldwide in theory.

Again, see video from the past that explains this.

What's going on right now, in high death rate coronavirus countries:

Incompetent bureaucrats mismanaging the supply of beds and ventilator devices.

Where it got managed properly:

1. Germany (make their own devices)
2. China (world capital of the production of devices) and
3. Korea (second world capital of manufacture)

Instead of listening to smart leaders, who got their position because of a meritocracy (Bill Gates), and who are subject matter experts...

What we did was as follows: spend 5 years ignoring reason.

Now, the choices are pretty limited:

1. Understand the real cause of the issue: mismanagement and political failure which led to a lack of supply and focus on damage control
2. Carry on, business as usual
3. Panic buy toilet paper

The pandemic isn't solved when it starts, it's solved 5 years prior by proper preparation and by installing systems based on the data that we already have.

We've had pandemics before.

We could have predicted that a similar or worse thing would happen again, simply by looking at historical data.

Instead, we got caught with our pants down, again.

We're repeating the same mistake, and expecting different results, which is the definition of insanity.

What's at stake:

1. The world economy of today
2. Your (grand) parents' lives
3. Your life and future


- Aleksander Vitkin
Co-written with Mario Tomic.

Opinion based on currently available data. Not medical advice.

Aleksander Vitkin

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