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I used to believe it wasn’t possible to achieve the level of success I wanted, because I was on a path, which was pre-determined by our circumstances, our experiences, and where we were born. I was born in soviet Russia, and everyone was equal, equally poor.

When I went to Belgium, and I went to high school in Belgium, teachers in high school used to tell me: ‘maybe you should get a job working with your hands.’ Thankfully I didn’t believe them, I didn’t buy into it. I don’t why I didn’t believe them, and as time went on, I realized it doesn’t really matter what people around you tell you.

It doesn’t really matter the success you’ve had in the past, it doesn’t really matter where you’re born, it doesn’t really matter what kind of situation you’re in. What matters, is your work ethic, and implementing what works, time and time again. This has been proven by many people, including me, and my students.

It used to be, that when you wanted to start a business, you’d need start-up capital, and you’d go to a bank, and you got on your knees, and you accepted twenty years of slavery, by having to pay back debts to the bank. You needed all this start-up capital, paper work, and it was pretty stressful. I don’t envy people who started up businesses back then.

Times have changed: the way it is now, you need just a small amount of capital to get started, and in fact you don’t even need to register as a business, until you get your first sale.

The failure rate, when starting a business is traditionally very high (eighty to ninety percent), but that’s in the past. The high failure rate, was because of people who started alone, and tried to scrape together a business plan, and follow something, that may or may not work.

The way you achieve a seventy five percent success rate these days, is by following working business models. They are available if you go to a franchise, and if you buy a business model. If you spend like fifteen thousand dollars, plus a percentage of everything you ever earn, then yes you can buy into a franchise, which is a working business model, but online you can get working business models as well.

If you can implement them, congratulations, you’ve just found something that works: you can build your business, if you can implement it successfully. It was also quite hard, to get people around you, who were also running a business, and implementing. It used to be, that you’d have to join a golf club, to meet these kinds of people, but now you can also find it online.

Being surrounded by likeminded people, it really helps. Being helped by likeminded people, and doing the thing you’re doing, makes a world of difference.

In the world out there, there are enough people who are satisfied. They are satisfied with mediocrity, and with what they have. They have achieved the point where they had to settle, and they are making it work.

If you’re reading my articles, I can tell you aren’t here to be entertained, crack jokes, or even show you nice scenery. You’re here to learn about business, and from that fact alone, I can tell you are already ahead of the pack, and already on the path. I’m here to help you succeed. I know from experience, that a percentage of people watching my videos, have a business that they’ve started, and they’re running it successfully.  I want more people to do this. I want more people to achieve this level of freedom, and run a business, where they’re in control, and not put in a box, where you’re basically put there at birth. What I’m here to tell you, is you’re here to succeed, and maybe it won’t happen instantly, or overnight, or if you click this button, suddenly you’ll become a business owner, because that’s not how it works.

I believe that you can succeed, even if it’s grim out there right now. It may be grim: maybe you’re in debt, or a job you don’t like, or maybe you’re even running a business, and you’re not making any progress: like a hamster running round a wheel in circles. This could be the case, but there is a way out, there is a solution to everything, and I believe you can do it, and that’s what this video is about.

An example would be a pharmacist I know, who started off down the path he graduated in, and he had no experience in sales, or in any sort of business. He got to talk to people, who were directly involved with sales, business building, and online marketing as well.

He was coming from a background of not knowing anything about it. He received a basic tutelage on how to do it. Within the first few months, he was actually getting a few thousand pounds a month doing SEO work, and building websites. What’s going on now, is he is closing deals worth several thousand dollars. That’s where he is now: running a six figure business, and his future goals are to expand as much as possible, automate the business, and eventually re invest that into himself, and try to open up other businesses as well.

Being surrounded by entrepreneurs, people who know about sales, marketing, and who have way more experience than he ever had, has really helped him. They’re actually sharing their wisdom, and business practices with him. He’s quit his job as a pharmacist, and that was his main job.

Another client of mine, quit his job six or seven months ago. He really had no idea about business, or what he wanted to do, but he knew that he liked to develop mobile games, but he didn’t really know how to get clients, and build an entire business from mobile games.

He was able to start off with a tiny email list, and grow his list to over fifteen thousand people within a few months, and this has allowed him to make a good amount of income, but more specifically he reached a mile stone recently, where he made 1500 dollars in a matter of hours. He’s found it to be satisfying, because when he first started, he didn’t know what he was doing: how to do sales calls. He didn’t have any skills about how to do business and he didn’t know how to pitch a sales call, how to close a sale, how to make sales videos, or how to do a launch.

One of the most important things he’s found, is actually how to write an email properly, it really changed the game for him. This has allowed him to build a business for his lifetime, potentially.

Another guy I know, finished university a year ago, and he faced the same issue as everyone else, that he was trying to find a job, and struggling. But as he was struggling to find a job, he found this, and he knew immediately that this was what he wanted to do. It took only seven months to create the job, and to be able to live off his own income.

Basically, he was struggling to find likeminded people: he lives in Czech Republic, and he doesn’t know a single person who would be interested in business. A few of them would like to, but they don’t actually do anything. Between his friends, he was always seen as the guy who was always switching between jobs, so it was really hard to find someone to support him, and to find someone to learn from.

The master mind really helped him, because he had likeminded people, to talk about new ideas, to improve and learn. He learnt to look for customers, and that doing the calls were the most important thing, to find the customers, because without them, there’s no business, and therefore no money.

During his last year at university, that was when he started thinking about business. At the time, he wanted to create paid dancing lessons, so he shot six hours of ballroom dancing, but then it turned out he knew nothing out business. He spent six thousand euros to create the business, but he ended up not even finishing, because he had the wrong partnership. Then he started on e-commerce, but it just brings in a little bit of money, but nothing extra. It was good for an extra coffee, but nothing serious. He also had problems with customs, and other problems importing products from china. It was close to nightmare. He started really earning money, by getting customers two months ago, through sales calls.

In the last two months, his income has exceeded his salary, by about fifty percent more. He earnt fifty percent more with his business, than his actual salary job.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.