What I Learned from Nobel Prize Recipient Richard Feynman

Here’s what I learned from Nobel Prize recipient Richard Feynman.

One of the things that makes business very difficult is that it takes a lot of imagination.

You have to constantly imagine, “what would happen if I did that?”

Those who develop an excellent ability to imagine are able to do 100s if not 1000s of “thought experiments” every single day.

They are able to cognitively rearrange the things they’ve observed in reality, to accurately understand extremely complex systems in mere seconds.

They can think multiple moves ahead, and come up with brilliant tactics and strategies, and learn extremely quickly.

On the other hand, those who neglect their ability to imagine are either unable to do thought experiments, or they are able to do only extremely basic thought experiments.

They are only able to use tactics and strategies that are given to them by others. And they must use them blindly, with no idea whether they’ll work or not. Every action is a leap of faith.

Clearly, great achievements can often come much faster to someone with a good imagination.

Developing a good imagination is largely a matter of practice at using a particular style of thinking.

For example, with sales:

You have to ask “What would happen if I said that? How would that person likely respond? What other ways might they respond? And why would they respond those ways? Would that keep the sale on the straight line, or not? What else could I say instead?”

This is the kind of thinking we teach in the mastermind.

Yes, we do give tactics and strategies, but our most important goal is to equip our students with a highly independent method of success, so that they can succeed in almost any situation

One of the “must watch” videos for entrepreneurs is “Fun to Imagine”, with Nobel Prize recipient Richard Feynman, because it is the premiere example of HOW TO IMAGINE.

You can watch him do it in real time, and instantly upgrade your own ability.

Do you have any other methods that you used to upgrade your imagination? Would love to hear them, thank you.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

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