What Does A Business Mentor Do?

If I could go back in time, I’d give my younger self one crucial piece of advice.

Find yourself a mentor as soon as possible.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in or which aspect of your life you want to develop.

A mentor is the most effective way to achieve consistent, tangible growth.

And when it comes to growing your own business, there’s no alternative.

Every entrepreneur needs one.

‘Mentor’. Sounds a bit old fashioned, doesn’t it? 

Almost as though you’re back in school, reporting to a white-haired man in his 60s.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For starters, who said anything about one person?

Joining a community of entrepreneurs means you have multiple mentors.

You have access to hundreds of like-minded people ready to share advice and best practice.

And the vast majority are young, motivated and extremely successful.

Here’s why.

Business mentors work WITH you to achieve your potential.

They’ve been there. They’ve done it.

They’ve lived all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

The role of your mentor is to share their experiences.

Your role is to learn from them.

Because growing a business under their watchful eye massively reduces risk.

And going it alone as an entrepreneur is incredibly difficult.

Leads. Budgets. Sales. Competitors.

There are plenty of pitfalls you need to be wary of.

Plenty of pitfalls that a solo start-up simply won’t avoid.

But imagine if you had access to a community that’s done EXACTLY what you have.

Every question. Every concern. Expertly handled.

Imagine if you had access to an extensive bank of course material.

Top-quality online video walkthroughs on just how to get yourself up and running.

It’s a recipe for rapid growth and real success.

And there’s a reason for that.

Say you were going it alone.

When every decision has a MASSIVE impact on your business.

You’d spend hours, days, weeks, researching the appropriate course of action.

You’d be wary of each choice you made. Scared to fully commit.

But consulting with your mentor removes that fear.

Having a business advisor cuts through the noise.

They allow you to make positive progress in a much shorter time period.

They act as a support network as you take your first steps – and beyond.

They help you focus your time and energy, unlocking more business possibilities.

And you start to make a mental shift.

When you’re part of a living, breathing community, your mindset changes.

Your horizons start to broaden.

You learn and share with other successful people.

And here’s the key.

You expand your network.

The journey to the top can be a lonely one.

But a business mentor gives you access to THOUSANDS of contacts.

You’ll meet senior decision makers across a variety of industries.

Priceless for a young entrepreneur.

Not only for the world-class insight.

But also for your motivation.

Seeing the success of others is a great way to drive yourself forward.

It’s proof that you’re doing the right things.

After all, you’re following the same business model as they are.

Finding inspiration and taking your own action can lead to extraordinary results.

Just look around you.

“A small amount of time invested on your part to share your expertise can open up a new world for someone else.” – Mark Zuckerberg

“As we look ahead into the next century, the leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates

“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always say they have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” – Richard Branson

These are some of the most influential businessmen in the world.

They all credit their success to mentorship.

And it can manifest itself in a number of different ways.

One of the most important is accountability.

Because let’s face it.

We’re our own worst enemy.

Many of us can easily get distracted.

We can slip into bad habits.

And that’s a sure-fire way to fail in the business world.

A business mentor keeps you on track, typically through regular calls.

They set you achievable targets and track your progress.

They let you know if you’re slacking.

Especially in the early stages.

But it’s not a one-way street.

Remember, you’re part of a community.

You keep other people accountable for their actions.

You drive each other forward.

You grow together.

And in some cases, you help people make the same decision you did.

Getting started.

And that’s the most important thing.

How many times have you had that ‘killer idea’?

How many times have you dreamed of success?

How many times have you ALMOST taken action?

It’s okay. It’s not your fault.

Taking the first step is incredibly difficult in business.

You can feel alone, unsure, afraid.

But not when you have a mentor.

Starting your own business is no longer a ‘leap of faith’.

It’s just the right thing to do.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.