Double Your Close Rate With These Advanced Sales Techniques

Today, I’m going to discuss a few advanced sales techniques that you can apply in your business to increase the number of your closes and get potential clients highly interested in what you’re actually offering.

Sell At Any Time and Place

The first advanced skill you can cultivate in your sales is to practice selling at any time or place that you can. Anytime you find someone who’s never heard of your business sitting down with you for 10-15 minutes, you can practice your pitch or refine your closing tactics a bit. Now this might sound a little bit crazy at first, but it’s something you should definitely be doing.

It also happens to be something I practice myself. When I’m in close proximity with someone and have a few minutes, I talk up my business to them. Just yesterday while I was taking a taxi to Barcelona Airport for 15 minutes, I made sure the driver found out every single detail about my business. By the end of the trip, he was very intrigued in joining my mastermind.

This is because I wasn’t afraid to get in-depth during the pitch. I painted a picture of him joining the mastermind. Now I couldn’t actually close the sale because he had never heard of me and some sort of testimonial is usually essential in those situations, but he became a fan.

He wrote down my information and he’s watching my YouTube videos right now. Later on, I’m likely to get a hold of him and there you go – I have a new lead.

Advanced Sales Techniques Paint A Picture

This story ties in with a second technique used by advanced salespeople. You want to paint a picture of what you want your prospect to be like after having purchased your product or service. The sad truth is a lot of people that you interview simply won’t realize their own potential. They have no idea of how far they could take things if they joined your team.

Part of what they’re paying you for is the ability to see into the future and explain what they can become. You can illustrate to them what they themselves can evolve into with hard work and taking part in your business.

Paint a better picture than they can imagine. If you can do that, and offer a means by which they can achieve that “life” through your products and services, they will be much more interested in paying you.

A Life Worth Living

That is how you close a customer. Let’s use the taxi driver as an example. He sees himself as a taxi driver. He doesn’t really see the possibility of him developing skills, educating himself on business, and becoming advanced at what he knows. He doesn’t realize his potential. In his case, he’s a very good writer.

I explained to him that he has all these skills he can use in life and that other people can use as well. These skills are however uncultivated because of his acceptance of his station in society as a cab driver.

I went in to much more detail than this, of course, describing what his life could be like, what he could achieve, the results of his labor for his loved ones, and so on, but above all I made his potential clear to him.

I also gave him examples from my own life. About 2 years ago, I started traveling because I was doing online business and saw 23 countries over the course of my journey. I explained to him that it’s possible so he became much more interested in this idea.

Cut Through Their Limiting Beliefs

I went into detail regarding this because he expressed the limiting belief that he “would just work on a computer all day and that’s boring” when discussing online business.

Through describing the examples of my own journeys and mixing it with a picture of his potential future, I provided an adequate response that also got me one step closer to the sale.

You’re not so much selling a product or service as an idea. If you can recognize this and connect to the person’s needs, you’re on to something. You may have to approach it from different angles, but if you concentrate on telling a story and painting a picture of a brighter future, you’ll increase your chances of an eventual close and another satisfied client.


Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.