Top 3 Features Any Business Site Or Blog Should Have

In this article, you’ll find out what it actually takes, to have a website that converts to sales, and doesn’t just look pretty.

A common mistake people make in web design, is that they jump into it all excited, and they’re like: “I’m going to make a website, and it’s going to look awesome, and I’m going to use all the colours that I like, I’m going to use all the prettiest pictures that I’ve taken, and I’m going to have an amazing logo, and I’m going to have an amazing video, It’s all going to be just awesome, and everything is going to be just ok”.

Well if you focus on the wrong things on your site, then there’s no point to your site. Looking pretty doesn’t get you sales, if you’re running a business, the number one objective in any business is to get sales, is to get more leads, and more money.

I’ll tell you right now, the main objective of any website is to get the leads, and sales. All roads on any website for a business should lead to an ‘opt-in’, or a ‘buy-now’ button. An example of this is the website, It’s a pretty big car website (it’s a car manufacturer), and a Dutch website. Take a look right on the front page, there’s an offer almost anywhere you can click. This will in turn lead you to their dealership to buy a car.

There’s a section where you can enter your number plate on the front page, and after you enter the relevant data, they’ll ask you for your contact details (it’s a guarantee anywhere on the website that they’ll ask you for this). You can see the process they use to convert people, and generate actual visitors into their showrooms. If you go to a showroom, they’ll try to sell you a car (a car salesman is going to try to sell you a car).

They have a page on the website where they ask you to make your own car, to personalise it – this will lead to a test drive. On the same page they straight up ask you to sign up for a test drive. Another good way to tell people is: ‘tell them they’ve been selected for a test drive’. You can also download a brochure, if you do that; they’ll probably ask you for some contact details.

If you look at the price they’re probably going to ask you for your contact details. They’re gathering this information so they can get you into a car dealership, into buying a car. Anything you click, it’s geared towards you buying all the time (this is how you make a website).

Even if you scroll further down on the front webpage, it’s still geared towards you buying – you will see this on almost any site. On some of the biggest websites in the world, on you’ll see that everything is carefully selected; every little offer, every little link is carefully selected to what you’re interested in. Usually they’ll show you stuff based upon your previous surfing behaviour, especially on Amazon; they love that stuff.

You’re not running a multi-National company. I’ll show you a real life example of something closer to home – my website ( It’s not perfect by any means. My brand right now is my YouTube channel, and my Facebook. However, I do still have a pretty active website. Right at the top you’ll have an opt in. If you sign up you’ll go on my email list. I don’t want people surfing my website and getting some information. I want people on my email list so I can sell them a lot of valuable stuff.

Eventually they’ll buy from me; sometimes I’ll send them an offer as well. Anywhere you go there’re benefits, and features, testimonials everywhere. You want people to be looking at you for providing a service for money; not just free content, but a service for money.

If you do that, you’re not just some entertainer guy on the internet, you’re a business, and they’ll treat you as such.

To implement this in your blog, and in your website, let every page be a mini sales letter with at least an opt it, or a buy now button. That way they can buy now, or set up an appointment (depends on what your business actually does).

You need to write down the top thing you want your business to do, and lead them towards it through a funnel on your website. If you have any questions, comment down below.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.