Top 10 Best Upwork Skills (2020)

Are you looking to sell services on UpWork for $1000+ but you are not sure which ones are in high demand?

Then this post is for you.

I want to share with you, using current market research data the most in-demand skills so that you can start offering them on UpWork, and start to build up your freelancing career or agency business.

Here Are the Top 10 Upwork Skills to Have

1. Google Tag Manager 

Google Tag Manager is a tool by Google to allow businesses to insert pixels on their website, to make it easier for advertising retargeting. If you find the right leads on Upwork you will find clients that you can upsell other services to such as SEO services (e.g. – optimization and conversion services), and other advertising services.

2. Salesforce App Development

Salesforce allows developers to use its API to build 3rd party software applications that connect to the Salesforce platform. Clients who need a 3rd party App will generally be prepared to pay excellent rates for your services.

3. Amazon Web Services

Clients who require custom SAAS applications to be built on the AWS platform will also be well-paying projects on Upwork and are in high demand at the moment. They are great projects to go after if you or a member of your team has AWS experience.

4. E-Learning

With the explosion of online learning currently happening many education providers are looking for ways to put their courses online. Many of whom will have no technical skills, so they are looking for developers to help them out. It’s not just an in-demand Upwork skill for developers, clients are also looking for people who can present the courses in videos, do voice-overs, and even tasks like writing the course material in a web-friendly format. Depending on the size of the course you can make between $3000 and $10,000 per course project on Upwork.

5. Google Analytics

If you are experienced with Google Analytics you will find lots of projects on Upwork looking for help with Google Analytics implementation and optimization services.

6. LinkedIn Recruiting 

This is a good service to provide if you are experienced with writing ads, you don’t have to have a recruiter. Companies run LinkedIn ads to recruit people, so if you have experience running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. this is a good crossover skill to apply to LinkedIn Recruiting. You could also look to build an agency dedicated to this service.

7. Product Descriptions

Many people who run drop shipping businesses or have Shopify stores are looking for freelancers to write product descriptions. The descriptions aim to help them to convert more sales through high-quality content writing. If you sell other eCommerce related services, you can upsell these extra services to clients that you first sign up for product description writing. There is the potential to make a high 6-figure income just by offering this type of service.

8. Instagram Marketing

This is helping to set up ads on the Instagram platform (which is part of Facebook) for clients, and to help set up influencer campaigns with Instagram users. It is a very in demand Upwork skill at the moment.

9. Start-up Consulting

If you are experienced with writing business plans and helping to launch new ventures, you can offer this as a consulting service to start-ups. 

10. Data Scraping

This is when clients want your services to help them scrape data from other websites to use it for their website or to use the data for market research purposes. This is a very in-demand skill to have on Upwork.

The Bottom Line

There are huge opportunities to grow your freelancing career or to build up your online agency by offering in-demand services/ skills on Upwork. By offering one or more of these ten services is a great way to stand out from the crowd and to maximize the number of clients that you sign up. It will help you to build a bigger and more profitable freelancing career or online agency.

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Aleksander Vitkin

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