How To Quit Your Job And Become a Freelance Web Developer

Looking To Quit Your Job And Start As A Freelance Developer?

Are you looking to potentially quit your job and how to get started as a freelance web developer? Let's go over when to do this, who this is for and how to get started as a freelance web developer. 

Why listen to anything that I say? Why am I a credible source for information? I just spent 11 years freelancing and then running a business for myself. And then I taught over 700 people how to also get started as a freelancer or agency owner. So we have some pretty good data on how to become a freelance web developer. 

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Should You Become A Freelance Web Developer?

So who is this for? Who should be a freelance web developer? Well, obviously, you need to have the technical skills. But what else? Based on my data from the people that I work with (we have compared to people who succeed versus the people who don't do as well), there are certain personality traits you can develop that will make you a better business owner and freelancer. 

1. Self-Starters Have a Huge Advantage

First of all, self-starters succeed at a much higher rate than people who don't have this trait. That is people who can go out there and with limited knowledge, start working on a new skill and slowly improve over time without constant hand-holding. That being said, they also value rapid growth to save time, since they realize that time is very valuable. And it's possible to learn faster with direct mentorship. These are also people who have a history of learning difficult skills without being told to do so by an authority figure like a school teacher, parent or so on.

2. They Are Usually High-Performers

The next trait that successful business owners and freelancers have is being a high performer. They are people who work efficiently in a focused way for prolonged periods of time, meaning years, and create results, not just busy work and useless test projects. 

3. They Value Freedom Above Everything

Furthermore, the best entrepreneurs have certain requirements for themselves and their business. These are people who want freedom. They don't want to be stuck at a job doing work for someone who has complete control over their schedule. They want to control their own schedule. They want to control their own destiny. And they want to grow towards wealth. They want to own something, not just build other people's businesses. They also want to get paid for this potentially unlimited growth they produce, not be capped by a salary or a low hourly fee. 

4. They Are Driven By A Specific Purpose

These types of entrepreneurs are driven by a purpose. A purpose to live life on their own terms, determine their own schedule, support family and loved ones, and so on. 

5. They Are Ready To Change Their Beliefs

What they have is a flexible mind, which means they're ready to change what they believe, and the current skills they possess. They're willing to learn from others how to do this better. They're constantly expanding these to suit the needs of their business, and future success. 

6. They Seek Mentorship And Guidance

Oftentimes, they learn from those ahead of them, peers and mentors. Have you ever met people who are constantly hating on everything and are super skeptical of every opportunity out there? 

7. They Focus On Growth, Not Negativity

Entrepreneurs certainly have a healthy level of skepticism. But they are not haters. They spend time on growth, not hating on growth and progress, but actually progressing in their life and in their business. They love it when others succeed around them. And being overly skeptical and hating on everything is the opposite of entrepreneurship. 

8. They Focus On Efficiency

Lastly, entrepreneurs are focused on achieving the best possible growth in the most efficient way possible. They want to achieve more in the same amount of time, by compressing time through consistent growth, oftentimes achieved through learning and being mentored by those ahead of them. 

So let's talk about how to actually get started as a freelance web developer in terms of where to go, what to do. I've prepared a sequence of videos for you to watch on this. Specific training videos, right below this article explaining what to learn, where to get leads, what to sell, and so on. So check out the list of videos and the playlist below this article

None of this stuff I'm saying is a quick fix. But if you're willing to commit to learning new skills in an efficient way, this is for you. So go below this article, and click on the links to watch the next video right now if you want to keep learning and to get specifics on how to generate leads for your future freelance developer business.

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