The Only Thing Your Clients Want (That Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Get)

In this article you will find out how why it doesn’t matter how good you are at something, but how good your delivery, how good the quality of your product is and how much results you can generate for your clients.

Lets take a look

There’s a lot of focus on getting the sale, closing no matter what and perfecting the story. That’s fine but what a lot of companies and people who start a business are missing is actually delivering top notch products or services. Your clients only care about are the results they don’t care about your book, video course, consulting company or you. Just getting results for their business, and that’s what you should care about the most as well.

How did I learn this?

I learned this in recruitment. I recruited hundreds of people over the last couple years and what iv’e learned is that what they write on their resume doesn’t matter. Same with businesses, they cant tell you all kind of stories like them being on CNN. You can buy being on CNN for $150 at It doesn’t really matter how well the story is what really matters is the result, the delivery. People write anything they want on their resume, so you cant trust the persons business. They do not want results from clients in the past, but what you can do today. In fact some of the best sales people I know don’t talk about old projects they just talk about their current client and what they can do right now. They don’t even have a website they just deliver the current results right now and this works really well.

How can you apply this is your business

Well in most business, I don’t know about your business, most people are focused on the story, marketing and sales. Instead of focusing on that , focus on slow sustainable growth over time with clients that you actually like. If you focus on results and force yourself to deliver results to every single client, not automatically but naturally you attract the clients you actually want and like working with. Delivering results also depends on the client. If you force yourself to only work with clients who are nice to work with, you build a client base and you like what you are doing. You’re not waking up saying I have to talk to these assholes again, you’re waking up saying yes we’re gonna do this again and deliver results. It feels awesome and it always feels like your growing as well, which you are. If you are actually delivering results another thing that happens is these people refer their friends to you, even if its a small client base not growing as fast as someone who is focusing on marketing. They also happen to be ideal clients paying you more because you are delivering results and they take less risk in their business by hiring you.

Always deliver.

If you look at all the big companies like amazon etc etc you know that they are always going to deliver, no matter what. So why as a small business wouldn’t you focus on this as well, in a small business its even more important that you over deliver. You should under promise and over deliver.

Try this out

Just give this a try in your business , try to perfect your craft, product or service. Over deliver and under promise. See what happens, see how happy your clients are going to be. See how long they are going to be with you. If you focus on this, I promise you it is going to be a sustainable business. I promise your competitors, if you have any, if you even look at them they’re going to be out of business in 5- 10 years. You’re going to be going strong. Going to be having that sustainable long term growth. If you’re going to be using this great, its much harder to get a new client then it is to retain an old one.

if you are going to use this great let me know, i want to know how it goes for you. If you have any questions ask them below or email me at Thanks see ya next time !

Aleksander Vitkin

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