The True Definition of Entrepreneurship

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Over the last couple of years, in fact, five years, I’ve been speaking to entrepreneurs on a daily basis. And we talk about what they want, and what they don’t want. The main thing that most entrepreneurs want is freedom. The main reason most entrepreneurs are in business, that I’m aware of, is freedom. They want to achieve freedom. 

Now, here’s what I’ve noticed by speaking to over 2,000 entrepreneurs. I’ve noticed that they don’t know what that is. They want it, but they don’t know what it is.The only thing that I’m consistently being told is what it isn’t. And what it isn’t, is not a good definition. So, I don’t believe it is possible to achieve something, if you don’t know what it is that you want to achieve. 

So, here’s what they tell me what it isn’t. It is not a job, okay, freedom is not a job. Freedom is not a boss. Freedom is not debt, freedom is not deadlines, and freedom is not location. This is what they don’t want. In this article I’m going to venture out there, and I’m going to attempt to define freedom for you or help you with a working definition. It’s something of an ideal that we’re working towards, achieving as entrepreneurs. And you are welcome to contribute to this definition, because maybe you want the same, and maybe it’s slightly different for you.

So, what is the ideal, what is freedom as an ideal that we scan strive for as entrepreneurs? Because if we define it, we’re much more likely to achieve it, okay? Here’s my take on it from my own experience. Anyone watching this, if you’re a smart, objective thinker, if you consider yourself to be an intellectual, of course you’re welcome to adjust this as you please.

So, freedom in business is when you can move an entire industry toward whichever outcome you desire. So your potential to create is no longer bound. And this is, of course, you can do it only ethically, not by stealing, robbing, none of that stuff. Like, ethical outcome.

So, you can sculpt your word in your image. So you’re able to sculpt what you say you’re going to do into way that you wanna do it, right? That’s the ideal, that’s the ideal of freedom. And you choose the problems you want to solve, you choose how you want to solve them, and you’re rewarded for it. So the status quo of any industry, so if you enter an industry as an entrepreneur, the status quo of any industry and opinions, well-wishers, all that stuff is kind of irrelevant to you. And when you’ve achieved this, this is when you’ve achieved freedom in my eyes, okay? So in terms of things like location, deadlines, debt and so on, that is all fine, okay?

You can be without that, if you’ve achieved that level of freedom. But I think those things are rather circumstantial, and they’re more of a result, more than a goal, to be honest with you, right? Because business and the freedom in business should be the goal, not the circumstantial things like what it isn’t. I’m convinced that today very few entrepreneurs, and it’s very obvious as well, very few entrepreneurs have achieved this. When you think about this type of freedom, you’re thinking probably of people like Steve Jobs, the late Steve Jobs, and the current (chuckles) CEO of several companies Elon Musk, right? If they want to fix something, they’re not following the status quo, they’re reinventing things.

They’re doing things their way, and they’re not so much reliant on other people’s opinions and like, well-wishers, and that kinda stuff. They can just do their thing, and they’ve gained enough trust, where they can just go out and do it. They have support and trust, they can go out and do it. They don’t need approval and all this kind of stuff. The reason I’m telling you this is because anyone reading this article, with perseverance, luck, time and intelligence, you can achieve this, okay? With unwavering perseverance, as I mention in the post here, and objective thinking, you can achieve this. 

Anyone reading this, you can achieve this level of freedom, this ideal, it is possible, it has been achieved by others before you and before me. It’s all about building up your credibility and your proof and your track record. And then, maybe through some luck as well, and lot’s of hard work, you can build a successful business that can achieve this level of freedom.

How do you do this? We actually discussed this in yesterday’s live stream. We went into some detail of the process, the ideal process of learning business. You can go watch the previous recording, which is the ideal way of learning business. And that’s the process how. But let me just go into some details, because you probably wanna know it as well. So, the way to achieve freedom is to start a business, okay? That’s the thing to start with, okay? 

Because if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to have responsibility. If you have responsibility, you’re able to build something that is your thing that belongs to you, that you sell to others, and they perceive it as higher value than what you charge them, okay? So, you’re able to build trust with people, and they trust you so much, that you get a lot of capital, and you get a lot of human capital, as they call it. 

So, you get a lot of people wanting to work with you, so you’re no longer alone, but you’re with people, who you trust yourself, and they’re able to help you, as you’re helping them. Maybe you’re responsible for the direction things are going into, and they take a lower risk, ’cause they’re your employees or freelancers, or whatever. But they still help you, ’cause alone it’s hard to achieve this. 

However, the core of your business is yourself, because you need to establish yourself as the person who is in charge and as the leader, in terms of the philosophy, and how things actually should move forward. If you don’t establish this, if you’re just doing random stuff, and like, following random trends, following random business models, just trying random things to see what sticks, things don’t tend to work out, because you’re not following principles. 

If you’re following principles, like stuff that we’ve discussed in this article, you’re able to have a steady direction that you’re heading in, and you’re able to achieve actual goals, based on your principles, instead of doing random things that are hard to define, and impossible to achieve essentially. I hope that’s a pretty good definition of freedom for your goals as well. If you do think so, let me know. If not, if you have a better definition, if you want to contribute to the definition, you’re more than welcome to do so. 

As for this article, yeah that’s pretty much it. Do check out my other articles and videos as well, if you’re so inclined. If you’re interested in finding out more about freedom and how to achieve it for yourself, in terms of business and your life, the way we do it, is we introduce beginners to a working business model. And then, they follow the working business model, they achieve a certain level of skill, a certain level of success, and then, they’re able to add more and more freedom to their lives, and more ability to control their own destiny, essentially, by running their business and learning the skills that it takes to get to this level, okay? 

So, you can do this as well, okay? If you’re interested in this, if you’re interested in our program, where we teach you how to do this step by step, before we let you go into the world and do your thing and create your own destiny, then, reach out to me via chat or go to and take a look at our case studies or just apply to the program, if you’re interested.

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