Robert Murdoch – Womanizer To Billionaire

This is the story of a woman chasing college kid who was able to bring in $12.4 billion dollars in his lifetime:

Rupert Murdoch, 91st richest person in the world, is the Founder of Fox News Corporation.

Here’s how he built his empire:

Murdoch’s First Step:

Murdoch was born in 1931, on a small farm about 30 miles south of Melbourne, Australia.

His father, Keith Arthur Murdoch, was a reporter, editor and senior executive of the Herald and Weekly Times newspaper.

Being the son of a journalist, Murdoch was groomed to enter the world of publishing from a very young age.

Murdoch’s Second Step:

In 1949, he graduated from Geelong Grammar, a Australian boarding school, and then went ahead to study at Worcester College, Oxford University in England.

Murdoch was described as:

“A normal, red-blooded college student who had many friends, chased girls, went on the usual drinking binges, engaged in slapdash horseplay, tried at sports and never had enough money, no doubt due to his gambling”, according to one of his early biographers.

Murdoch’s Third Step:

In 1952, Murdoch’s fun-loving lifestyle came to an abrupt end when his father suddenly passed away, leaving him the owner of his Adelaide newspapers.

In 1953, after serving as an apprentice under Lord Beaverbrook at the Daily Express in London, the 22-year-old Murdoch returned to Australia to take up the reins of his father’s papers.

Murdoch’s Fourth Step:

Murdoch occupied himself in all aspects of the papers’ daily operations immediately he assumed control of the Sunday Mail and the News.

He wrote headlines, redesigned page layouts and labored in the typesetting and printing rooms.

He quickly converted the News into a chronicle of crime, sex and scandal.

While these changes were controversial, the paper’s circulation soared.

Murdoch’s Fourth Step:

In 1965, Murdoch founded Australia’s first national daily paper, the Australian, which helped to rebuild Murdoch’s image as a respectable news publisher.

By 1968, the 37 years old and owner of an Australian news empire valued at $50 million.

Murdoch’s Fourth Step:

Murdoch then moved to London and purchased the popular Sunday tabloid – The News of the World.

He also purchased the tabloid – “The Sun” and a year later he quickly transformed the paper into a successful with his formula of reporting heavily on sex, sports and crime.

Murdoch’s Fifth Step:

In 1973, in a bid to expand his news empire to the United States, he purchased of the Texas-based tabloid – The San Antonio News.

Murdoch quickly set out to expand across the country, founding a national tabloid, the Star, in 1974 and purchasing the New York Post in 1976.

In 1979, Murdoch founded News Corporation, commonly referred to as News Corp., as a holding company for his various media properties.

Murdoch’s Sixth Step:

In 1985, he purchased 20th Century FOX Film Corporation as well as several independent television stations and consolidated these companies into FOX, Inc.

Murdoch’s Sixth Step:

In 1990, he founded STAR TV, a Hong Kong-based television broadcasting company that broadcasts to over 320 million viewers across Asia.

Towards the late 1980s, Murdoch purchased several prestigious American and British academic and literary publishing companies and consolidated them into HarperCollins.

Murdoch also has investments in sports. He is a part owner of the:

  • Los Angeles Kings NHL franchise
  • Los Angeles Lakers NBA franchise
  • Staples Center
  • FOX Sports Radio

Murdoch’s Seventh Step:

In 2011, his empire suffered a significant disaster, his London tabloid, The News of the World, was caught up in a phone hacking scandal.

Several editors and journalists were charged for illegally accessing the voicemails of some of Britain’s leading figures.

Murdoch’s Seventh Step:

In 2013, he announced a significant restructuring of his empire. Murdoch decided to divide his empire into two companies—21st Century Fox Inc. and News Corp.

Murdoch’s Seventh Step:

In June 2015, news broke that Murdoch would be handing over the leadership of 21st Century Fox to his son James.

James would become the company’s chief executive while Murdoch remained on in the organization as the executive co-chairman with his oldest son Lachlan.

——- —— ——-

Throughout the years Murdoch has drawn a wide range of criticism for monopolizing control over international media outlets, however he still continues to grow as an entrepreneur because he had purpose.

He dedicated his life to his purpose and never stopped working towards his goals and vision.

Ultimately, his mentality and way of life led him to becoming one of the most successful people in the history of the world.

Have you dedicated your life to your purpose?

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