Online Financial Advisor Business Model Explained (YouTube, Social Media + Sales)

Today, I interview Daily Business Hustle mastermind member Latasha Kinnard. Latasha is the CEO and Founder of Start Young Financial Group, a thriving Internet coaching company whose main mission is to help young people build success in their financial future.

As an online financial advisor, Latasha’s primary niche includes current college students, recent graduates, and folks just beginning their careers. Not long ago, we had a productive conversation on her methods, outlook on business, and keys to financial success.

Finding A Niche – The Early Days

Latasha began her path towards finding a niche in college. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, she studied psychology and education – two branches of study that proved useful in nurturing her future business skills.

Her background in psychology helped her to break down any mental barriers a client might have toward financial success, while a foundation in education aided her eventual need to explain complex ideas in an understandable format.

After college, she entered corporate America for a short time. While helping a Fortune 50 company manage one of their largest accounts, she grew tired of the big business rat race quickly. She then decided to spend her energy helping everyday people rather than a massive, faceless corporation. She left her job, started her own company, and hasn’t looked back.

Establishing Yourself As An Online Financial Advisor

Similar to Latasha’s beginnings, you can start your online business by utilizing the relationships you already have to point more attention towards your company and leverage more clients.

Latch on to your family and friends and start notifying them you’ve started you’re own business. Once you’ve established an audience, begin putting out more content that you know the people in your close inner circle need. A niche will begin to form.

Build your brand as “the expert” in your field. The more information delivered to your niche that deals with the questions your ideal customer has, the more people who will come directly to your company for your services.

Develop Your Social Media Presence

While it may be difficult at the outset to get clients from The Internet, building the most active Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence possible is ideal for your work. With a solid social-networking foundation in place, you can grab a few customers and funnel them into referrals.

The rapport and referral nature of social media helps develop a positive culture for clients to be a part of. An active Twitter feed and visually appealing YouTube work can further the feeling of engagement for your niche. Latasha has used this with expert precision, and it’s a great time for you to develop it as well.

How The Sale Works

Like many Daily Business Hustle companies, the payment side of Latasha’s business is handled through recurring payments via PayPal. The first step to closing the sale is finding out what the potential customer wants most out of their goals. After you’ve established their urgent need, deliver a way to help them through your business.

After the sale is closed, get them on PayPal right away. Once they’re a paying customer, provide value to them incrementally over time. In StayYoung’s case, a different module is provided each month on a different aspect of financial success. One month may be a budgeting module, another may be debt management, and so on.

You can of course adjust this to your niche as well. This accomplishes both the goal of keeping clients engaged on a continuing basis while additionally helping them observe their progress.

Accountability Encourages Success

StartYoung provides monthly assignments, quarterly meetings, and personal feedback from Latasha. These methods keep clients accountable and allow a feeling of personalized attention that other business models may not provide.

One of StartYoung’s more unique features that you may want to implement in your own business is “accountability partners”. As soon as a customer comes in, attach them with another client.

This is someone who will check-in often with another person in the group, discuss their goals, and allow you as the leader to not have to handle every single question someone in your business may have.

From a long-term perspective, the accountability partners and quarterly check-ins also increase retention. If a client knows for a fact they will have to call another member of the group in a short period of time or discuss their progress with Latasha directly in an upcoming session, they are more likely to retain her services to keep up with the program.

A Facebook Funnel To YouTube

While many members of Daily Business Hustle began their business on YouTube and then cultivate their Facebook presence, Latasha’s StartYoung group is the opposite. She first built her presence on Facebook and is now funneling to YouTube to save time and build rapport in a faster manner than a 1-on-1 conversation.

For Latasha, her videos build rapport with a large audiences in a more efficient manner than the step-by-step process of speaking to every possible lead. This is an alternative setup to the “Start A YouTube Business First” model, but it has still proven highly successful for a Daily Business Hustle member.

A Perspective On Warm Lead Generation

One of StartYoung’s most successful forms of lead generation is hosting events. In this model, Latasha speaks to a large audience and engages with interested parties afterwards. By even holding a conversation with her, the people she meets at an event have already shown themselves as warm leads. As Latasha says, “They’ve already opted-in by speaking to me”.

Down the line, she reaches out to those same warm leads, having already increased the chances of a sale. Like any other call, she then identifies the person’s needs and goes for the close.

In contrast to the long and tiring days of the corporate life, Latasha rarely feels fatigue working for her own online business. She can execute for extended periods of time because she’s working for real people in a gratifying niche. There’s always something new to be discovered in The Internet Age, both for Latasha and anyone who’d like to join the online business revolution.





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