How to Salvage 2020 (Because You’ve Probably Fxcked 😆 It up Already)

How to salvage 2020 because you’ve probably fxcked 😆it up already…

Lots of people set goals for the upcoming year that they want to achieve. Usually, the way they set the goal is a disaster in and of itself. I am going to teach you how to set yourself goals in a proper way.

The whole thing of setting goals for the whole year in the beginning of the year is total nonsense. People who are successful do not behave like that.

After you set your goal, you need to measure your progress and get feedback all the time.

1 – Set specific goals. If your goal is not clear enough, your chances of success are very low.

2 – Have regular accountability.

3 – Review your goals daily. Remember what your plans for the day are and see how you execute the tasks. If you do this daily before you go to bed, you will see a major progression towards your goals.

4 – Have a daily schedule and follow it no matter what happens. After you start executing your plans every day, your tasks will turn into habits. After some time you will not even need a lot of willpower and energy to do a habit.

Do not make to-do lists. It is a tool of procrastination. Work on your habits.

5 – Whatever you learn in real life, break it down into a working schedule. You have to be totally dedicated to pushing your goals every day. That is how you can achieve real long-term results.

Successful people have a few very effective habits. They have a habit of doing and learning sales. For example, they have a habit of hiring and working with amazing people and building awesome teams.

Here are a few bs beliefs that prevent people from achieving success in life:

1 – Visualization. Visualization without action does not make any sense.

2 – You only need hard work. That is an employee mindset. The reality is that you need hard work, but you also need to plan and reflect. You need to spend 90% of your time implementing, but just implementing is not enough.

3 – You can change your life in the new year. But if you have the same habits, you are going to get the same results as last year. Another year is not going to magically produce results.

Invest your time in learning new skills and implementing them in the real world. Do not expect that 2020 will bring you results just because a calendar is showing a different number.

4 – You can do it all by yourself, but there is a superior way:

To speed up your results in business and in life, you can join a community of like-minded individuals working on similar goals and be surrounded by people who are more successful than you. You can reproduce what they are doing and implement it in your business.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

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