How to Guarantee Success in Business and Entrepreneurship

Someone sent me a question asking how to achieve real results and guarantee success in business. It is almost unethical to guarantee something but there are some steps you can take to guarantee your own success. If you do not understand these steps you may find yourself falling into the traps of chasing passive income, thinking you need to be an information marketer, and even thinking you need passion to be able to start a business online.

First you need to understand each of these traps.

  • Passive income is one of the top three enemies of success in online businesses because people are led to believe that the first day they sign up they are entitled to earn passive income. They often think the money will just show up in their bank account and they will be able to drive their Lamborghini in no time.


  • Every successful person I know makes money the old fashioned way – building a real business, hiring people, and actually delivering value and results to their customers. Passive income is instead being sold as an idea that you only need to send out an email each week and money will start pouring in.


  • My answer to the question, “should I be an information marketer?” is always, “no” unless you are a world-class expert on something. Marketers sell this idea to you because it is so believable that you can have big passive income and become an information guru with little effort.


  • A common trap is that entrepreneurs wake up and have this, “passion” that drives them to success and that you need it too. The reality is that you are not born with it but need to work to get it. You do not need passion, you need to deserve it. You are not entitled to passion, but you need to earn it.


I have found that there are steps that can guarantee your success and results in business that are simple to understand but are not as easy to implement. From my personal experiences and the results of my clients, I learned that you need skills that are marketable and that people are willing to pay for. “You need to be good at something and people need to be willing to pay you for it repeatedly.”

I like the skills of copy-writing and sales as they are highly marketable online and are very high in demand right now. If you are not familiar with these skills yet you can start with writing or inbound customer support jobs. With these jobs you can start learning how to write in general and how to talk with people before you move into the more high-end skill work. Even if you are just learning, as a freelancer you are pretty much getting paid to learn before you start a business.

How can you find and learn great skills?

Mentors are great to learn from, but if you want to learn from scratch and not spend a lot of money there are other routes you can take. You can also choose to read books and watch YouTube videos by people who actually do what they teach as long as you implement what they tell you. Joining masterminds works great and is one of the best ways to find success in business right now.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.