How to Get Upwork Top Rated Status (Full Guide)

Upwork is great for getting clients and freelance work, but is it worth it to get Upwork “top rated” status?

The simple answer is yes.

Upwork top rated helps freelancers and agencies to grow their businesses and make more money. You earn top rated status by building up a successful reputation of delivering high-quality work to your clients whilst adhering to the Upwork Terms of Service.

What Is Upwork Top Rated?

When you achieve Upwork top rated status you get a badge to display on your profile to show that you have met a certain set of criteria. You are recognized as a power user of the platform, and it will indicate to prospective clients that you are more trustworthy and a better freelancer or agency.

Upwork top rated status comes with several benefits, including:

  • You get the Upwork top rated badge to display on your profile
  • You’ll show up in search results when people search for Top Rated users
  • You’ll be charged reduced fees (starting at 10% off)You’ll get premium customer support
  • Get exclusive proposal invitations from prospective clients
  • More control over your job success score, by been given opportunities to get your score back up if it goes down
  • Special support to help you find more work and to improve your profile
  • The ability to host top rated events in your city

How Do I Get Upwork Top Rated Status?

To get the badge you need to have been a member of Upwork for at least 90 days and have been hired at least once within that period. One way to speed this up and to ensure you can meet these criteria is to ask an existing client of yours to hire you through the Upwork platform. 

It’s a good idea to be as active on Upwork as you can be, you should aim to send out proposals every week to get the most out of the platform. Upwork also requires that you have earned at least $1000 from your clients over the past 12-months or sooner to be eligible for Upwork top rated status.

Another key requirement to gain Upwork top rated status is that you receive success scores of at least 90% from your clients on the platform. It is really important to be wise about which clients you choose to work for so you can be sure that you will be able to deliver results.

It’s also really important that you keep your availability up to date on the platform and let people know when you are available and not available to work, so prospective clients don’t waste their time contacting you.

Finally, make sure that you abide by Upwork’s Terms of Service or you will risk being banned from the platform. For example, be careful about trying to bypass Upwork by contacting clients “off the platform”.

The Bottom Line

If you comply with these guidelines you will achieve top rated status on Upwork. Upwork top rated status helps freelancers and agencies grow their businesses quickly and become even more successful on the Upwork platform.

When you earn this status, you’ll be recognized through a badge on your profile and be rewarded with exclusive perks and services. Top Rated users earn more money on the platform and attract better clients, so it is worth your time and effort to gain the top rated badge.

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