How to Do Self Development in 2020 (A New Approach)

I’m working on a new approach to self-development. I’d love your feedback and contribution because I think that going into 2020, the time is ripe for new thinking, and there’s no reason we can’t work on this together.

Self Development has 2 goals:

  • High self-esteem
  • Valuable results

Let’s define those! (I’ve learned that whenever you begin to analyze something, you have to define what you’re analyzing, otherwise, it’s utterly useless).

Your self-esteem is your level of certainty that your mind is competent and that you are worthy of happiness.

Your “results” are the real-world goals you achieve and the things you obtain.

How should self-development be taught so that you get high self-esteem and valuable results?

It should be taught so as to improve your general ability to think. Why? Because your ability to think is your fundamental tool in life. Again: Your fundamental tool in life is your ability to think.

As of 2019, that is not being taught. Not at all.

What’s happening is people who have moderate financial results are parroting content from Napoleon Hill, Werner Erhard, Brian Tracy, and Eben Pagan.

It’s all the same content, with each guru throwing in their unique blend of “emotion pumping” to make it seem more valuable.

And don’t get me started on the dogma. The world has zero need for more 20-30-year-old guys running around parroting dogma about the ideal morning ritual, meditation technique or dopamine diet.

Under the veil, it’s nothing more than You are enough, you can do it, you deserve it, take action now.

It was good to get us to this point. But now it’s simply “old”.

There’s something new.

It’s called Independent Thinking.

It’s about committing to stone-cold logic and truth and considering your own mind to be the supreme authority over what is true, what you want, and what you should do to get it.

A mentor has a rule, though it is NOT to spew dogma and make you feel good. The role of a mentor is to give action-oriented advice, results-oriented advice, and help you clarify your thinking.

If you massively enhance your ability to think, you’ll never need to be passed from guru to guru like a used rag.

You’ll be equipped to develop your own method for improving yourself that suits your strengths and ambitions.

Listen. You have the same potential to think as anyone else. You think a guru’s brain is made from premium goo that you didn’t get? It’s not. They’re not that much different from you. They’ve practiced content delivery a lot more, but when they sit down to work, they’re pretty much the same as you.

I have friends who are extremely successful, but if I copied what they did, I’d crash and burn in a blaze of brokeness, because their personal method doesn’t work for me. I need to use the method I developed for me because it works with my strengths and ambitions.

To start thinking better, begin to ask yourself questions like:

“What does that mean?”
“What is true here?”
“How can I know what is true?”
“What are the similarities?”
“What are the differences?”
“What a goal and why would I want to pursue it?”
“What is self-esteem and how do I get it?”
“What results do I want and why?”

Get your own answers from your own mind, not from gurus parroting content and pumping emotions. YOU are the authority.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.