Goal Setting – How to Achieve Goals (+Real Life Examples)

There is a trait you can develop to achieve any goal in business or life. Back in 2012 I was living in Barcelona by myself where I was deep into spirituality. Here I learned a valuable skill set and a new way to look at the world.

What is a different way of looking at the world exactly?

There is the deep spirituality path and also one where you hustle aggressively and persistently push to achieve your goals, master skills, and get success, money, girls, or other things. The first path has its uses and the second one does as well.

How to Achieve Anything You Want to In Life

People tend to think of their paths almost religiously – they are either one or the other, no in-between. Some people think happiness only comes from within and others can think it can stem from money, cars and things. These do not work together unless you use them in a special way.

As the years went by I abandoned the spirituality path but one day, during many sales calls, I discovered you can take some of these mindsets – some of the ways of looking at the world – and applying it to your current situation. For example, imagine you are working a soul-killing job that you do not want to do at the time but you have to because your business depends on it. Imagine that failing to do it means you fail and all your goals and dreams crumble. You do not get happiness from acting or implementing because it is soul-crushing work, but you can believe that happiness does come from within as the outside could not affect what is within you.

The Situations This Does Not Work In

Say you closed a $20,000 sale and you started celebrating. I did this and it trained my brain to embrace this as a victory. It trained me to think that working was awesome, achieving something was awesome, and aggressively pursuing things was awesome. This is a totally different mindset than the spiritual thinking and it deepened my knowledge of what being a winner felt like.

In regards to all these different mindsets and ways of looking at the world, do not take them too seriously. Things you hear like, “read a book each day” and, “implement everything you can” are examples of things to not take too serious. If you look at these as dogma you are going to be limited in the success you can achieve. Use these as tools in your toolbox that you can take out and use when you need them.

Treating these as tools will allow you to achieve more because there is no limit on your use of these. You can always change your mind, change the way you think, change the way you look at the world, and you are flexible like water. You become persistent, do not give up in difficult situations, celebrate good situations, and learn fast. This is the healthy way of approaching business as people often say CEOs need to have this trait: two conflicting beliefs at the same time. Being able to take two conflicting pieces of information and still be able to have success and be able to continue despite the conflict in your head is what helps CEOs.

As soon as you view these beliefs as tools to hit your goals and not as dogma, you will not be a slave anymore to the beliefs.


Aleksander Vitkin

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