Why You Should Get A Mentor and Make Money Faster

There are three people in the world who actually care about what happens to you: You, your mother, and your mentor.

You need to get a mentor as soon as possible. They care not only because (presumably) you are paying them a small sum of money that will increase YOUR wealth much more than theirs, but also because they get the personal benefit of watching you grow step-by-step through the suggestions they make and the actions you take. Simply put, it feels good for them.

My Mentors Increase My Wealth

My mentors have taught me invaluable lessons from self-development to technical business saavy to just plain-old ways to make more money. One mentor encouraged me to increase what I charge in order to build more leverage for my clients, let alone myself. The more I charge, the more attention, focus, and effort my CLIENTS will give to what I’m telling them.

So, what did I do? I implemented my mentor’s advice, doubled my rates, and increased what I was doing for each client. I used techniques to give a more personalized experience and tailored my work to each client. That is worth double the amount of work I was doing before. In essence, I have doubled my income just by implementing what my mentor told me.

Get A Mentor And Your Future Is Revealed

So what are the exact benefits to getting a mentor for YOU? If you get a mentor who’s 5-10 years ahead of you and makes one figure point more than you (if you make seven figures, they make eight, etc.) he or (she)’s going to cut your learning curve by so much you can’t even imagine. By having someone in your corner, you will save valuable years of trudging through your industry trying to figure out the next move to be made.

Do your research carefully and find JUST the right person for you – 5-10 years ahead, successful in your niche, and can tailor their advice specifically just for you. Everything they say will be a roadmap for your future, because frankly stated, they are just you 10 years from now. So search out and find the right person.

Information Trumps Pocket Change Every Time

So how do you justify getting this mentor and possibly paying 50-100 bucks an hour? Some charge $1,000 an hour. Some charge a percentage of your company – so why is it worth it? Because you will make that money back exponentially. Think long-term.

Consider this – what does wealth actually mean in this world? Wealth is not just money in your bank account. The cash that you have right now is not actually worth as much as you think. You understand the volatile nature of the markets. A better thing to invest in is your mind and your larger personal growth. The wealthiest people in the world invest a lot of time and energy into building their knowledge and skill-set as a whole. They develop what they do.

Your Income Explodes With A Good Mentor’s Advice

Why do they this? Let’s think of an example. Imagine that, right now, you have $700. You decide to spend that money on an iPhone. What can do you with it after you’re finished? Re-sell it for $300-$400 maybe? Maybe less if you’ve damaged it in any way?

Now, imagine you spend the same amount of money in a mentor. You spend $700 on a mentor and he teaches you something that will optimize your business funnel that generates you more sales. The first month, you make $1,000 from the lessons he taught you. The next month, you generate $2,000 using the tactics he showed you. The third month, $3,000. That’s a $5,300 profit from investing in the mentor rather than the iPhone.

A Mentor’s Advice Lasts A Lifetime

And the best part? Now you have the knowledge your mentor gave you forever. You can apply what they taught you for the rest of your life. That fixed fee the mentor charged you will never increase in cost, but certainly will appreciate in value. You can use it until the end of your days. Much more valuable than a piece of soon-to-be outdated hardware, eh?

So what is a better investment? An iPhone, a vacation, a car, life insurance, something that will depreciate in worth OR developing your intellect and long-term success by working with a mentor? The answer should be obvious.

Invest in your education, invest in someone who’s proven that they can achieve what you want to achieve in several years and they will bring you up their level or at least very close to that. One of my personal mentors taught me that your mentor will get you up to 10% of where they are. In other words, if you want to become a billionaire, get a mentor who has $10 billion.

No Money? Get A Mentor By Reading Books

Now, let’s say you don’t have any real money to spend. How do you get a mentor then?

You read books. You read books by the people who have achieved what you want to achieve. If you study the literature of those you admire and parse out what you can implement – the authors are your mentors. Maybe they’re not speaking to you directly, but the good news is that they’ve condensed their BEST knowledge into that book. You’re surrounding yourself with the best concepts possible, and through a tertiary means, you’re surrounding yourself with the best people.

Get A Mentor – NOW

How can you afford NOT to invest in a mentor? Everyone on earth should have one. I do this personally, and everyone who is wealthy that I know does this. In fact, the people with the largest amounts of income that I know invest a HIGH percentage of their revenue into self-development and learning new skills.

To sum it up, there are many things in your future you want to become aware of before they happen to you. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, it’s an area in your life where personal growth and high-quality experiences can flourish, and with the help of a good mentor, it’s hard to go wrong.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.