Fearless Growth Past $30k/Month (Without Risking What You’ve Built)

For advanced entrepreneurs stuck between $15k and $30k in profit after tax per month in their service business.

We all want to spend less time dealing with problems, and more time on marketing and innovation. But… how?

How can you step away from the seemingly essential 20 hours of “stuff you need to deal with”… to working on things that lead directly to more profit?

Most people are stuck being a manager in their business. They try to automate, which fails. They try to delegate, which fails.

The solution is to fill the day with the 3 tasks that you currently consider to be your most valuable growth tasks in your business, usually lead gen and sales calls.

You can do this and leave existing processes to stagnate…

And when you are flooded with leads, see which processes break.

Then spend a week fixing the processes and resume breakneck growth with more leads and sales.

So instead of predicting and mentally masturbating over every problem that may not even exist or matter, it’s better to build and see what breaks.

That way, any solution is reality-based 100% of the time.

The old way was the fear-based decision making: “If I do this, I may lose what I have, so I won’t do it.”

Reality will usually show it’s not as bad as “lose what I have”, it’s more likely you’ll replace what you have with better delegation and automation.

Overall, always increase lead gen. Even when your business isn’t currently taking new clients, keep talking to prospects.

If you have to slow down client onboarding, take them on later, no lead should be wasted.

That way, you’re not walking away from working processes to test new growth ideas for your business, instead, you’re building new growth ideas on top of working processes.

You, as a sub $50k/month profit business owner, should be spending the majority of your time on client acquisition and lifetime value optimization. Whatever it costs to get to that point, make it happen.

When spending time correctly on those 2 activities, you’ll notice that you can create a habit of automating or efficiently delegating “what is” while adding in new processes into the business machine while it’s running and supporting you with data.

In essence, you’re creating a feedback loop. More new clients, more proof, more retained clients, more data, better decisions, better marketing, more clients and so on.

One last point is, do not add more than 1 employee/freelancer per $8000 in monthly revenue.

More people makes everything too complex and error-ridden.

You’ll only want to get to a point where you’re talking to 5 people inside your own business MAXIMUM.

Maintaining too many relationships and processes yourself will drive you crazy otherwise.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.