Every Business Needs An Email List

Make no mistake about it, if you own a business – you need an email list. Some say that email lists are a thing of the past, that they don’t produce results, that they are just another form of spam, but my direct experience and success in business world completely refutes that. Email lists have a verifiable track record of success to this day, you just need to think a bit outside of the box and adjust your game plan to build the best list possible.

You NEED An Email List, No Excuses

If your response to this assertion is, “But Aleksander, I’m only doing business-to-business!, you still need an email list. If your reponse is “But Aleksander, I have an information business and all I do is phone sales and gather leads for person-to-person interaction!”, you still need an email list. If your response is, “I just have a Facebook-based company, I have alot of likes and people don’t want to be bothered by me!” yes, you still need an email list.

Are you catching my drift? The list goes on and on. Every business needs an email list. Even if you’re a bank owner, have 10 years of experience, or an artists’ collective – you still need an email list.

But Why Do I Need An Email List?

Because it’s an extremely effecient way to contact everyone who’s connected with your company, from the customers to the employees to the people who are just mildly interested in what you have to say. And it’s extremely easy. And it’s extremely affordable. Calling people takes time, energy, and a highly focused effort to communicate instantaneously. Emailing can be as easy as the click of a button. Jam everyone who’s ever heard of your product or service on to your email list.

Email Lists Haven’t Died, They’ve Just Changed

Alot of people in the business world are saying email lists are dying, they’re not effective anymore, they’re archaic, and many other things. It’s nonsense.

You Can’t Deny The Statistics

Email lists open rates are very high. My company’s email list open rates are around 30%, my email list click rate is 10%. My friend’s email list open rate is 32%, with a click rate is 8%. Those numbers are nothing to wag your finger towards. The ironic fact is everyone who is consistent with their email list communication get decent open rates.

Now, what I’m saying isn’t necessarily true for everyone, of course. Spammers have still taken a pounding on their ability to draw eyeballs towards their product. In the 1990’s, even spammers could grab attention, but I’m assuming if you’re familiar with my work, you’re not here to spam, you’re here to offer value.

So, it’s not the same as the 1990’s where everyone was getting RIDICULOUS open and click rates, but that’s okay. You’re not supposed to have ridiculous open or click rates anymore because it’s the year 2014. Things have changed and things are going to continue to change, but emails will continue to be an effective form of communication for a long, long time.

The “Big Boys” Still Understand The Need For Email Innovation

Google themselves recently changed a lot of things in their GMail system. They segmented their inbox, reorganized some of their communications with their customers, and guess what? Open rates went up.

Your email list is supposed to bring you most of your revenue in your company, believe it or not. Not all businesses operate this way, but a lot of them do. Email lists remain extremely valuable when used correctly. I’m personally implementing a plan along these lines myself. I also collect phone numbers and other valuable pieces of data about my niche, but I would never start a business without some sort of email list to broadcast my vision.

Your Email List Is Part of Your Brand’s Larger Community

Plainly put, email lists work and you should have one. Your email list is part of your web property. It’s part of your chunk of the market, and it’s a part of your over all brand. Think of it as traffic, but also think of it as an online community where your fresh and innovative idea can spread that much faster to the masses and affect change in a positive way.


Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.