Build Leverage To Motivate Yourself Through Business Difficulties

The ability to build leverage to succeed in business is one of the key components in the personal motivation needed to create the life of freedom I think that we all desire. Even with this being said, you need to understand that there will be trying times, ups-and-downs, and you may not see the results you’ll likely get as quickly as you’d like to get them. Today, I want to discuss how to maintain your emotional leverage to keep pushing, and how some of my successful colleagues have done it for themselves.

Anyone Can Build Leverage

I have clients in my business who are the perfect example of leverage in the face of adversity. They work extremely hard regardless of the circumstances – even if they don’t have the equipment they need just yet. I have one guy who takes his laptop and holds it in his arms in public places just to record his regularly updated video blogs.

Moreover, he has a huge heavy accent in English (a second language for him), but he makes it work. Despite selling door-to-door in London, UK, he hustles hard enough to not make it detrimental to his sales. People told him to just own the accent, move on with business as usual, and he did. This sort of hustle and grit is what you should be doing as well. Your audience will appreciate your honesty.

What kind of emotional leverage do you think this guy has to succeed? He’s investing all this effort and huge chunks of time into creating a business, he doesn’t even have any equipment, but he just does it anyway. Compare this to someone who does have the equipment, but doesn’t implement.

Ask yourself if you’re using all of the advantages you have at your disposal. Even better, ask yourself if what you think are your disadvantages are actually just temporary setbacks that can be ignored.

A Study In How To Build Leverage

Another example is my buddy Matt Cook, featured in the video above. Matt has been traveling the world recently, but before this opportunity he had a job that wasn’t satisfying his urge for a life of freedom and travel. A year and a half ago, he was employed in your everyday 9-5 job. I met him in Amsterdam and I told him to quit his job, unshackle the chains, and make his own business.

He mulled it over for a while, but I had planted a seed and he finally did it.  Once he made the decision to go through with creating his own company and living life on his own terms, he told him himself, “Right. THIS is what I’m DOING now. All of it, all the time”. He quit the job and lived on absolute dirt for quite a long time – more than a full year.

But he worked and worked and worked. He studied all of the internet marketing resources he could get his hands on (having no prior knowledge), read thousands of articles, paid people for mentoring, and sacrificed heavily for the chance to create a real, workable business. Not much of a social life, no parties, no movies, just sitting in a room reading and typing away.

All Matt had at the time was a laptop, a rundown point-and-click camera, and basic audio, but it was good enough. The leverage was there. He kept going at it until things just started to come together.

The lesson to take away from Matt’s story is if you make the final decision that you’re doing this, the leverage begins to build itself. You start to go harder. You start to plow through the tough moments. You go through hell to get your personal heaven. You see the light on the other side of the tunnel.

Become Immune To The Pressure

The beauty of seeing a mentality like this in action is that the next time Matt decides to take on something – be it a new company, a new project, or almost anything in life – he already has the experience of proper emotional leverage. He can say to himself, “I’ve been through this sort of thing already, I saw what it took, and I’ve built my ‘immune system’ to the struggle up a bit… I can do this again”.

At a certain point, you become accustomed to the hard work when you’ve built the proper leverage. You become accustomed to the resistance you’re feeling and you know how to deal with it. But this only can happen if you really put yourself out there and not hide behind your past, your current job, or whatever it is you think you’re required to do.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.