The Story Of A Tech Pioneer: Steve Jobs

This is the  story of a man who revolutionized and changed the world for the better through his creativity.

Founder of Apple – Steve Jobs – has lived life to it’s fullest.

Apart from being a successful artist, visionary entrepreneur, and marketer, he’s also been:

  • Fired from his own company.
  • To India for an “enlightenment” trip.
  • Through psychedelic drugs.
  • Considered as the most influential technological leaders of our century.

He felt that technology was going to change the world for the better and that the computer would become the “bicycle for the mind”.

Although Jobs may have had a great mind full of ideas, he still experienced lots of let downs.

So was Jobs a computer wiz from the start?

Was he a nerd that stayed inside all day?

Was he bad with girls?


He didn’t stay in all day.

He was definitely capable of getting a girlfriend.

So how did a technology genius get to live his life and create one of the biggest companies in the world today?

Here’s his story:

Step 1:

Steve Jobs was adopted in 1955 by a political science professor and a speech therapist.

As a boy, Steve and his father worked together on taking apart and reconstructing electronics in the family garage. The hobby helped develop Steve’s technological confidence.

Step 2:

Jobs was a prankster in school because he was bored with the coursework.

He had a clear mind, he listened, and since he was an intelligent kid, the school administrators actually wanted to skip him ahead to high school.

However, his parents declined that offer.

Step 3:

A few years later, in high school, Steve jobs met his future partner Steve Wozniak.

Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had a passion and love for electronics, and they both knew the hardware aspects of computers too – more specifically, digital chips.

At the time, there were very few people who knew what digital chips were, or how they worked.

They became good friends, and they also shared a similar perspective of the world.

Step 4:

After graduating from high school, Steve Jobs enrolled at Reed College.

Dropping out in 6 months, and spending the next 18 months in creative classes at the school – Jobs discovered a love for typography.

Step 5:

1974 came around and Jobs was offered a career as a video game designer at Atari – which he didn’t really enjoy.

With working for somebody else, dropping out of college, and lacking a sense of purpose, Steve needed a break.

Step 6:

Several months after being hired by Atari, Steve Jobs took an enlightenment trip to India.

Not only that, but he spent the next 3 years of his life experimenting with psychedelics and exploring spirituality.

Step 7:

In 1976, when Jobs was 21, he started Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniak.

He created Apple from his garage and the project was funded by Jobs selling his Volkswagen and Wozniak selling his scientific calculator.

The first Apple was sold at $666.66, and the first apple earned approximately $774,000.

Step 8:

With constant and continuing improvement and development Apple created another model three years after the first apple was released.

The company’s sales reached $139 million – and in 1980, Apple became a publicly traded company with a value of $1.2 billion.

Step 9:

For more help in marketing apple, Jobs reached out to expert John Sculley of Pepsi to take over the role of CEO for Apple Inc.

Step 10:

Despite the positive sales and performance reports, Sculley believed that Steve Jobs was hurting Apple more than he was helping Apple – so he pushed Steve Jobs out of the company he created.

Step 11:

Having nowhere to go, Steve Jobs started a venture called NeXT, Inc – a hardware and software company that manufactured a series of computer workstations.

NeXT didn’t have much success.

Step 12:

The following year, Jobs also purchased an animation company from George Lucas, which later became Pixar Animation Studios.

Originally investing $50 million of his own money into the company, the studio went on to produce popular movies like: Toy Story – bringing in over $4 billion.

In 2006, Pixar merged with Walt Disney.

Step 13:

In 1996, Apple brought in $429 million and the following year Steve Jobs returned to his original position as the CEO of Apple Computers Inc.

With a new management team, different stock options, and an innovative mind, Steve Jobs put Apple computers back on the right track.

Step 14:

Apple introduced revolutionary products such as the Macbook Air, iPod, and iPone.

Stocks were high, and iTunes became the 2nd biggest music retailer in America.

Due to Apples large amount of success, it has also been ranked in the No. 1 position on Fortune Magazine as “Americas Most Admired Company”.


Jobs always knew that the most important decisions you make  are not the things you do, but the things you don’t do.

Have you experienced failures? Set backs? Or let downs?

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.