How to Attract And Deal With Your Ideal High End Customers

In this article you will find out how you can reach a higher end audience that spends more money on your product, actually implements what you are teaching and doesn’t require you to babysit them. You will spend more of your time building your business while helping them build their business , physique, or whatever niche you are in.

How do you do this?

First you need to be connected and talking to your ideal customers. At first you may not have any of them in your audience, so you need to go out and find some people who you want to target. You find a very specific person who you want to do business with, for example someone who is already doing what you are teaching , but is not quite as advanced as you yet. You interview them to find out their needs and what their pain points are in their business. Instead of only focusing your content on what your current audience wants, you expand and focus on the answers and the problems that your more advanced target audience wants as well. You just create a few videos like that and slowly but surely they will come to your videos and blog, if you are writing one. Especially if you are active in their communities and promote your videos there. From this you will gather a small group of people who are part of your new audience that you want to target.

Who are these people?

For me they are people who are already on their path , they don’t need me to fix their basic newbie mindset, and they don’t need me to give them a basic business plan. They need to be straightened out so I can help them get to their destination faster. They already know what their destination is and most of them already know how to get there, so they are pretty much my ideal customers and of course already have money to spend on the product and service as well.


I actually talked to two more advanced customers this week . One is quite a famous public speaker who charges thousands of dollars to speak. He already knows what he is doing and where he is going but he has too many choices. He doesn’t know who to target, there is too many people and he is afraid if he picks one thing he may leave out a bigger market in another niche that he can conquer.Does he stay in his comfort zone doing the one thing, continuing to master this skill? Or does he go into something new leveraging his skills into becoming a teacher. Notice the pattern here with a similar problem. This guy is a very good real estate broker and is making a lot of money in real estate. He has two choices either go to real estate companies and teach people what he knows , because he is a world class expert, or he can keep buying and selling real estate. He can become even better and do even bigger deals getting even bigger profit cuts off of that. Does he stay in his comfort zone doing the one thing, continuing to master this skill? Or does he go into something new leveraging his skills into becoming a teacher. He doesn’t want to limit himself by doing one thing, but he doesn’t know if he should expand and do another thing.

The difference between the newbie and the more advanced players:

The newbie guys have issues like “I don’t know what to do”, “I don’t know what to pick”, “I don’t know how to do it”. They really don’t have anything to go on. The advanced guys already have their stuff together and already know most of the stuff. They just need a little more direction and a second look at their business to help them to get back on their path. Guys like these can succeed at anything they want if they really wanted to. They already spent the time and they committed to what they already have. So really the question is who do you want to be, the guy who teaches? The guy who makes a lot of money buying and selling real estate? Do you want to be an authority? Do you want to be the guy who knows a lot of people? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Do you want a billion dollar company, or a million dollar company? These are completely different goals so if you focus on one thing it will be completely different and very hard to achieve another thing.

Should I change my niche?

My answer to a question like this is to stay in your niche and build your skill set. Maybe add a new skill to the equation, for example if you are good at real estate you can add teaching. Just stay in the same general skill set, obviously you wouldn’t teach something else. You can create a synergy with a new skill set that you add. Another thing I always tell the more advanced guys is, if you are focusing on a skill set, the niche doesn’t matter in many cases. If you switch to a different niche, of course there is going to be a period of adjustment , but you are going to succeed and do just fine! The same basic sales or marketing skills are used, just in a slightly different niche.

When and when not to Change Niches.

In some cases like real estate I wouldn’t change niches because there is so much stuff to know about a niche like that. But if you are in a certain sub niche of, for example, how to make money online like, “how to make money online with affiliate marketing”, and want to switch to, “how to make money with cold traffic”, well then of course you need to know the skill of cold traffic. However, you already have the skill of copyrighting, how to build a follow up email sequence and all of that kind of stuff. So if you are not going to be switching completely in cases like that then I think it is fine to switch.

That’s it for today guys , if you have any questions comment below!

Aleksander Vitkin

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