5 Simple Steps To Getting Your First Sale With Cold Calling

In this article, you’ll find out how the sales process works in a cold call – when you’re calling a company you’ve never contacted before, and you don’t know what to say.

If you’re running a business, and you simply don’t know how to sell, you’ve know idea how to call up a business locally, an international business, or whatever. You have no idea how to talk to them, no idea how to sell to them, and you’re sending all these emails – I have the solution.

Here’s a way to get sales faster, a scalable way to close sales, and to close one sale per day using this exact thing that I’m about to teach you (It’s a step by step process to close sales with cold calling).

We had a daily business hustle member join recently, and he spent half a year trying all these marketing techniques out (cold calling, direct emailing, and all kinds of stuff), he’d only had one sale in the past six months. Now think about that, he’d invested six months of his life into his business, and he got one fucking sale. That’s nothing, you want to be getting one sale per week, if you have a small business you need to be getting a lot more sales than that. Having implemented what I’d taught him, the member started cold calling again, and after just one week, he got two sales in a single week.

Whatever you’re doing, drop everything, and give this a try.

I don’t want to overload you with information, or give you so much information that you don’t know what to do at first – I want to give you enough for a sale. For this particular training example, let’s pretend we are selling an SEO service (it’s where you help improve a client’s rank on Google), to doctors as they always advertise on Google. Let’s say we are going to call a Doctor in New York, you need to know where he ranks, because you’re going to be offering a ranking service, to improve their ranking to earlier pages on Google (this way they’ll get more free traffic).

We need to make sure we know where they’re ranked on Google, if they’re on page one, they aren’t going to need your service. They’ll need your service if they are on page ten, or not getting ranked at all. Try typing into Google ‘Doctor New York’ (assuming that you’ll be calling Doctors from there), go through the results from the search, and see where he appears.

Check his ranking, and if he doesn’t appear on any ranking, that’s a good thing – write it down in your notes, as that’s something you can use in your sales call. You need this kind of information, because in your sales call, you can tell him ‘look you have no ranking, you’re getting no free traffic from Google. Your competitors are getting free traffic (give him an example), you aren’t because you haven’t built any links – we can fix this for you’.

The sales call is made out of the Introduction, Qualification, Presentation, Handling Objections, and the close. You can get sales with this simple formula if you’re new at it (this is enough to get you started).

In a different video, I’ve already explained how to get past the secretary, we’re assuming that you’re talking to the decision maker. This part of the sales call is with the decision maker (they’re in charge of the website, in charge of the SEO, and the marketing), introduce yourself, ‘hey my name is…, I’m calling from company…, and we have found that there’s certain improvements you can make to your website – that will readily get you more clients, and that will really get you more results’. That’s the sort of introduction you want to be making, then you need to qualify the person you’re calling, because even though you’re selling, you don’t want to make it seem like a sale, it’s like you’re picking the client, like you’re looking for the right client.

You’re not going to sell to just anyone; it’s about choosing the people you want to work with. You could use some qualifications such as ‘we currently have a project we are running, we are improving the ranking of doctors in New York, and we are looking for five Doctors to work with us, and I’m going to ask you a few questions to see if you’re qualified to work with us, because we really think you can benefit, but let’s see if this is the case’. Another question you could ask them is ‘what are your current goals with your website, and your business?’ You need to be looking for leads, looking to improve the traffic to their site, and any other aspects you can improve for their business.

It’s going to be a much easier sale if they’re already looking, because you don’t need to explain everything to them, you can just tell what you’re going to deliver (SEO does all of this).

Another thing that you’re looking for is that they have high value clients, because it means every lead is worth a lot of money, and then it’s worth it for them to invest money in you (offer them an SEO service if this is the case).

Make sure they can afford the service, some Doctors have the opinion that they aren’t going to invest any money in any market – just forget about it (these methods have all worked in the past), and don’t try to twist their arm too much.

Moving on to the presentation, this is the part where you actually explain your service, explain how you’re going to build a ranking for them, how it works, how the contract is set up, and so on. Then you’re basically going to say something to the effect of ‘considering all this, would you be interested in a service like this?’ You only ask this once they’ve already agreed everything you’ve said is a good idea, they realise that they are qualified, and they’re eager to be working with you.

Usually they’re going to have some objections, for example ‘we can’t afford it’, even though you’ve qualified them, or maybe they don’t trust you, or another objection. You need to be able to handle these rejections as there loads of them.

You’ll normally see four or five recurring rejections coming back – especially if you keep calling a certain niche (about 80% of the time, you’re going to have a certain set of objections). You can learn how to handle these objections through experience, asking people who’re in the same niche, and who are also closing sales.

For the close, say something like ‘let’s get started, I’m sending you the contract’, you can use docusign.com for them to virtually sign the contract, send them it while you’re on the call, and when they sign it while you’re on the call – send them a PayPal link. They pay you through the PayPal link while on the call.

If they don’t want to, if they want you to come and visit them at their local office first, you might be able to if you’re calling local offices. If they need three days to think about it, that’s fine, make 100% sure to set up the next appointment if they aren’t going to pay you right now.
This is a very basic sales conversation you can have, simplified as much as possible, it’s enough for you to call, enough to get your first sale. Give this a try, and call 150 companies in the next seven days. After every single call you’ll improve, and if you use your brain, I guarantee you’ll close after you’ve made 150 calls. This process is easy enough you’ll be able to close – good luck, if you have any questions comment down below.

Aleksander Vitkin

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