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A Real 4-Hour Workweek  Life Story: Principles and Ideas behind Success 

Moritz Bauer is a 29 years old entrepreneur who succeeded in creating a very profitable life style to show the real life success of the 4 Hour Work Week. Here you watch the full presentation in which he narrates his story and explains the correct framework and the ideas to implement in order to replicate his success:

The Power of Questions: How to use them the Right way

Moritz never had a ‘real job’. He changed studies six times before completing his education. He failed four times before his 5th business finally worked. 

The majority of people find themselves stuck with questions and paralysed by doubts concerning their financial future.  Questions, however, are neither bad or good. They are a tool, as Moritz puts it, that we can use in order to leverage ourselves in the right direction. Start to use question in order to dissipate negative though patterns and empower the positive ones. 

When faced with doubt or fear think about the brevity of life. As noted by latin author Tertullian in his Apologeticus «Respice post te! Hominem te esse memento! Memento mori!» which translates Look behind you! Remember that you are a man! Remember that you’ll die!
Are you completely sure you are down with working for someone else, giving away to them 80% of the value you produce just to get a secure and stable pay check in return? Really take your time to contemplate this option and if you do not feel completely ok with it, it’s time to think twice about your possibilities and the actions you can take in order to reach your goals.

When faced with unclarity of though and unfocused vision, you can use the power of questions once more to further clarify your intent.

Ask yourself: What would I do if I had 10 million dollars in my bank account right now? How would I act? How would I used them? How would I feel?
Really take your time asking yourself these kind of questions. Do not be afraid to spend days, weeks, even months fully answering them. You will find tremendous benefits and ROI in deep knowledge of yourself and clarification of your vision, which you can embed in your business to skyrocket your road to success.

Always challenge the status quo. You can do it trough rightful use of questions and trough reading as well. The majority of successful people and business owners are in fact avid readers. Try to read every day and make an habit of it. Try to read at least one book each month. Read dense, high quality content books written by successful people, as in these works you will find their intellectual heritage and instructions towards optimal living, while at the same time training yourself in willpower and lateral thinking.

Advantages of a Dip Online Business:

Location Independence: You will not need to be in a specific location to work. Forget about rushing to office or travel a long way to reach your work station. You, your laptop and a wi fi connection will be enough. This way, you can travel and live wherever you want in the world and still be able to maintain a successful business.

Fully automatisation: You can build your online business in a way to reach high levels of automatisation once product creation and marketing are handled. By creating a mailing list you will be able to successfully connect with your clients on regular basis with automatised messages and have money in your account without anything done on your part.

Low time investment and Earn your Money while you sleep: Once the product is done, it can sell itself if it fulfils market’s demand. You will spend the most of the time and energy in the beginning phases, but on the long run you will find out the online business solution to be a low time investment one. You will be earning constantly independently from your timetables or logistics. A web based business makes such a solution actually possible.

How It works and What you will Need:

-) Product: You first have to craft your product in order to sell it.

-) Traffic: You will need traffic to make your product visible to a large audience. 

-) Conversion: This is the most essential factor. You need to convert your visitors into buyers. All the work you have already done will be useless if you cannot do the actual sell. Learn how to properly sell in the number one skill you want to master if you desire to own a business. Benefits will also transfer to your every day life, as you will be able to better communicate and have a better image overall. 

1)User comes to site from search engine:  You first want to be reached. Set up your website and your social medias in order to optimise that.

2)Opts in for freebie: Create free content to give to your visitors. This is the only way to actually make them interested and leverage them into buying later on. Your free content must have high quality level and uniqueness. 

3)Gets emails with relevant content + link to product: With emails you can create rapport with your clients. Keep giving them high quality free content, and once in a while link them to your selling product.

4)Buys product: You have your sell, congrats!

5)Becomes a raving fan and buys everything you have: If you can create deep rapport with your clients, they will become fans of your, possibly buying even more.

You will also need incredible persistence and willpower. You will fail nine times before actually succeeding, take that in account! Turn your failing into lessons to learn from, and you will never ‘lose’ the game again. 

When you start your business try to model the ones who are already successful. You will have plenty of time to innovate when you will be a leader in your field as well. It is also essential to check that there is a market for your product before you build it. You want to satisfy an already existing demand, not creating one!


Be Passionate and Own it:

You must be passionate about what you do. Remember that passion is energy and energy is power. A car or a plane, without fuel, will have the same speed: none. Once find your passion do not let is stagnate, take action and start your journey. Do it now.

Aleksander Vitkin

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