3 Habits Of Successful People – Become Successful Through Good Habits

Where do we learn habits?

If we want to talk about habits we need to talk about how we learn and how we learn to learn. If you go back, the way we learn to learn is from school and our first teachers. They teach us to read and to repeat this to learn. We also learn from intuition.


These methods are not optimized, based on science, and they are not based on what works the best, in general, for learning. There are some other methods to learning than what we are being told in school and what we experienced through intuition. There are much better, and more optimized, methods to learn habits better.

What are some bad and good habits in terms of learning?

Learning in one spot

The first one is that we are taught and conditioned to stay in one spot, locked up in our room, and to cram and learn information in the same spot over and over. This is less effective than if you move around. I am not talking about to moving to the library, moving to someone’s house, or studying with two people. I mean you can learn at home, in school, from books, while travelling, by travelling, by talking to new people, from mentors, and all of these from multiple locations around the world.

If you look at really successful people, a lot of the time they have travelled to many countries and have done many cool things. That way they have perspective on things rather than just from the small community they came from. This is quite universal as most people have had the experience of travelling, learning different perspectives from different parts of the world, learning from different types of mentors, and learning different types of methods of learning in general.

Gain a deeper understanding

Another thing we are taught is to focus on one subject at a time. Often times when you focus on one subject too much, for example sales, you do learn sales techniques that work but you do not learn how to develop your own sales techniques. You do learn sales, but you do not learn the psychology behind sales. You do not learn advanced persuasion, how the human brain works, or how persuasion works. You do not learn things that are related to sales.

What happens then is you do not have a deep understanding of the subject matter because you only learn sales and this very narrow path. If you are really serious about mastering sales, you need to learn the subjects that are related to it and get a little bit of a broader and deeper understanding at the same time. That way you will be able to put different pieces together and develop your skills to a deeper and better level than your competition.

Cramming is for short term memory

Another habit that we learn from traditional education is to cram everything in right before the exams. What happens then is you do not remember things for as long as you would if you developed it into a habit of studying for the rest of your life. Just a little bit every single day. Read some book every single day, not the whole book, but keep developing that skill by implementation, reading, and learning from mentors. That way you are able to actually remember it for much longer and you are well on your way to mastery as opposed to cramming it in just to pass an exam. Cramming it in means short term memory and spreading it out and making it a habit of learning leads to lifetime mastery.

Do not think about seasons

In January I remember everyone was setting ridiculously high goals, which I encourage you to do, but starting January 10 people started giving up. People became bitter because they did not want to implement early on and they gave up.

Another habit I noticed successful people have is that they do not care about the seasons or setting goals at the beginning of the year. They care about implementing and ignoring everything. They forget the months, years, and decades and focus on implementing, maintaining a habit, and committing to lifelong learning and maintaining lifelong habits.

There are many habits and ways to effectively learn and you need to find what works best for you. What are some of the things you do to maximize your learning abilities?

Aleksander Vitkin

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