What It Takes To Sell To Your Audience – How To Get People’s Attention Online

In this article, you will find out in this day and age what it takes to sell to your audience.

If you’re like me, and you want to sell your products, and services to them – I’ll tell you what it takes, and why they should listen to you. If you have an audience, ultimately they’re spending their time listening to you so they’re going to be influenced by you. The more time you spend talking to them, the more they’re going to be influenced.

To make it happen, you need to be creating a lot of content, by that I mean they need to be seeing your content so much, it’s like you’re living in their house. It’s like there’s a table, and everyday you’re going to have dinner with them, that’s how well they need to know you.

Right now, you’re competing with everything; everyone’s competing for attention. Currency now is not just dollars and dimes, it’s attention and time – to get this you need to be creating a lot of content, that’s the first step.

Apart from creating random content, you need to be creating content that appeals to them, you need to be talking to your audience. If you’re not talking to your audience, you don’t know what’s going on in their life, and how to relate to them – you can’t achieve this on a daily or weekly basis.
A way to get to know your audience is to go to relevant Facebook groups, and forums. Look at the posts on these groups and forums, look at the issues they’re discussing, and see what’s getting the most views, and attention.

If you can address the most painful issues they’re having, in their language – they will pay attention to you. They will feel like there’s someone that understands them, and that’s when you get started. Once you get going, you need to be getting them on calls, and talking to them, or at least surveying them.

You need to find out through your questions, what It is the client is currently dealing with (their finances, and self development etc). Once you find that out, create content about it, and keep pumping out the content in large volume
The third thing you need to be doing, is to reach them on multiple platforms, when they go on YouTube and Facebook, you want them to see you on there (email as well). Many people will say ‘this is annoying’, but you want to be everywhere all the time, because then if you are, you have the potential clients’ attention.

There will be this tipping point when they will finally start to notice you, and that’s when they’ll start buying from you. Of course, there are a few people who after seeing a small amount of your content will buy from you, but the vast majority will buy from you much later. They need to see their friends buying from you, and that you’re actually going to persist with this – they want to see you’re not one of those people who gives up after a while. They want to see you giving results to your client, and once they see all these things, and even more than that, only then you’ll be able to get the larger audience.

What I want you to take away from this article – whatever content you’re creating now, I want you to be creating more of it. Unless you’re creating several pieces of good quality, chunky content every single week, unless you’re doing that you need to be creating more content.

If you are creating a lot of content, but not seeing results yet, create even more, you don’t want to be that guy who just starts out, and creates two videos then wonders where his money is.

You need to be improving every single day, if you’re not improving every single day, if you’re not pumping out the content, not talking to your audience, not promoting your content – no one will care. There’s so much stuff coming at people from all different directions, there’s TV, Facebook, YouTube, and other useless distractions which are less of an investment for them than what you’re saying.

If you want them to buy from you, you need to be creating something that isn’t just entertainment – it’s much harder to keep people’s attention when what you’re talking about what I talk about.

In this niche, what people watch, it determines what they are going to buy from you. If you’re just an entertainer, they don’t expect you to sell something valuable to them. If you have actual content that produces results that they can use, and will work for them, then they’re going to buy from you. They aren’t going to buy from an entertainer who they can’t take seriously; who’s only value is shits and giggles.

You know what to implement, if you have any questions comment below.

Aleksander Vitkin

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