Upwork Profile Sample Template (Proven To Work)

Are you here to get an Upwork.com profile sample that converts visitors into buyers, or people visiting your profile and is a super long resume style thing that you think people are reading. But at the end of the day, no one's actually buying? Well, in this video, I'm going to share with you the exact process and an example of what a profile looks like that has been designed to convert at a high rate and gets people to buy from you consistently.

So why should you listen to me, I've been an Upwork since 2011. Here's an email that I got from oDesk (check it in the video above), which is what it used to be called. And I've helped hundreds of people get started on the platform, as well.
Here are some of them right here.

So what people do in Upwork is they try to write the super long profile, which is like a resume to try to sell themselves as if it's for a job or to sell a service, as if it's some kind of sales page. And I have to disagree with that a profile is not really a sales page, or anything like that it is solely designed to get people on sales calls, you're not going to be able to close high ticket sales, you know, $1,000 to $20,000, on Upwork, which is entirely possible by the way. You're not going to be able to close those by writing a profile trying to sell the service.

Okay, it's very unlikely to do that what is likely is to convince people by providing proof and such to get on a call with you. Once you have them on a sales call, then it's possible to close any size sale, as long as the lead quality is good, you're selling the right thing. So forget older resume style stuff and forget trying to sell yourself and the service and listing all the things you've ever done. What we're here to do on the profile is called single-focus proof branding, which is focusing on a single thing that you've achieved, and that your business has achieved, and then providing proof for that and having a call to action.

Okay. So that's the general framework that we're going to be using to write this profile example that I'm going to give you.

So first, you need to start with an emotional hook, you really need to know what your buyers or potential buyers are interested in the whole profile needs to be about them, and what they care about and what they want. As long as you understand that, and you could optimize this, based on real data from sales calls that you get on, you're going to be able to create a profile that actually converts compared to all the profiles that just do nothing or convert into very few sales calls.

So an example of an emotional hook, have you been scrolling through Upwork And there's all these freelancers who promise you the world but never deliver. Well, this is not one of those profiles, most likely the buyer that is going through your profile has scrolled through a bunch of profiles and has scrolled through a bunch of proposals as well. And they feel that way, right. So whatever they feel, whatever they feel stuck with whatever they're aggravated with, you can call it out and help them solve it.

Why is this different? Well, we're here to help you solve your problem. Let's say you sell Google ads, which is driving traffic and converting the traffic on your site based on Google ads. So then you provide proof. So why should you consider this service and not a different service? Here are some factors or some facts that my clients are seeing and have experienced here, case studies, here's quotes from them, here's even a video. So the next part should be what you're going to get. Now, this is designed as a benefit or benefit of a benefit. It's not really designed to sell anything.

So basically, you say, you're going to get on a call with me. And then we're going to figure out the following things, who you need to be targeting, which is your ideal audience, and so on, and so on. Right. And on this call, again, because we're focused on a call. On this call, I'm going to provide you with complete clarity, as if I'm already working with you. So that you'll be able to form an exact strategy for your Google ads and get started immediately bead with me or what I would be, will be able to figure out if we're a good fit to work together, and then you have a call to action.

So here's what we need to do next, click the big green button, and then contact me and then send me a time that you're available Doc, and then we'll be able to arrange this call, and potentially even get started with your Google ads. So it's a very simple profile, it's maybe 1000 words, maybe a little bit less with lots of proof and a very simple structure, okay, you can also use a single focus for the branding style of headline which is "$1 million+ in Revenue Generated Last Month for my Clients, for example. Single focus, meaning how much money has been created for clients, proof you have testimonials, case studies, and so on.

And in terms of branding, that is your thing. That is what you're focusing on. And that is your brand. You do Google ads and you generate this much money for clients, which is again, what they care about, they don't really care about the ads and stuff like that. So that forms a single focus proof branding style of headline and the rest of the profile can serve as a way to prove it, but also to sell the actual call, not disservice And not yourself as much.

So next video to watch is
this video right here on how to do proposals. It's a little bit similar to the profile but it has a slightly different structure. So click right here to figure out how to do Upwork proposals. If you have any questions, comment below and I respond to the best questions myself.

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