Find Your Most Profitable Skills To Focus On And Outsource The Rest

No matter what your business entails, you are occasionally going to have little problems and internal issues that are going to pop up. If you waste your time trying to fix every single thing, you will likely lose large amounts of money due to your divided focus. The truth of the matter is you should outsource most of your problem-solving to more specialized experts, and optimize your schedule to generating revenue and learning more abut your customer. Today, I’d like to discuss how to accomplish this simple yet often overlooked change in your company’s direction.

Those With The Most Profitable Skills PRIORITIZE

When an internal issue arises, you basically have two options as the business owner. You can choose to divide your focus and try to handle a million little tasks at once, going step-by-step through a long laundry list of items, or you can choose to give attention solely to the things that are you generating the most amount of actual money.

I’d pick the second one if I were you. With that being said, you have chosen to do this, you’re going to have a larger amount of time to bring in revenue, but you’ll still have to fill up all the little holes in your business you’ve just discovered. One way to do this is pay other people or other business to fix them for you, but of course that costs more money within itself.

Pay A Little To Make A lot

This may be the best option, even if it requires cash in the short-term. What you’re paying for directly is time, which as we all know is as valuable if not MORE valuable than actual money. You have to know how much your time is worth. You have to know how much your time is worth a week from now. You need to know how much the activities with your new time is going to be worth. Catching my drift?

Find out what tasks are the most profitable to focus on. In my business, filming my videos and closing sales on the phone are the number one and number two most valuable activities. Number three is managing my mastermind. So, regarding these things, I will spend some time every single day managing. Even if a million things go wrong in my business, even if my website crashes and someone steals my email list in the same day, I will still work on these three tings.

Delegating Responsibilities To Free Up Your Time

So, is it worth it for me to hire someone to write my articles? Yes. Is it worth it for me to hire someone to do my support? Not quite yet, not at this point, but very soon. Is it worth it for me to hire someone to manage my site so that if it crashes, it can be fixed quickly and won’t cost me time and an extra few bucks? Yes. Fixing a site on my own could take me an entire day. In that same day, I could have produced three more videos. In that same day, I could add more people to my mastermind. So I’d rather pay for the protection of my time. Time is your ally – use it.

In my opinion, you should see your business in a similar light. Give your attention to the tasks that make you the most money, and if you have to, pay others to solve all the other stuff. It doesn’t sound very “hip” or “politically correct” to say this, but it’s the best for your long-term vision.

You don’t have to do everything in the business. Even if it’s just a five or six figure business, you need someone to solve these little issues so your time is freed up and you can focus on the big picture and the big money making endeavors. If you make the right decisions, your business will grow much faster and you will be much more effective for it the long run.

BONUS: Below is an in-depth discussion and VIDEO I did on this very topic. Enjoy!

Aleksander Vitkin

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