My Top 3 Growth Hacking Tips – How To Improve Business Results

If you are new, just starting out, you already have a business, or if you are improving results for your clients there are fundamental rules I have been using for the past five years to double and triple the revenue of successful companies. You can apply this to yourself and increase the amount of money you make from your online business.

We have some mastermind members who have tried to improve their results in their businesses but one person had hit a wall. This wall was seven projects at the same time making about $6,000 per month. He tried changing the first part of the funnel he was using by changing the video he used to ask people to get on a phone call with him. The video he recorded failed for a whole month.

During this month he changed about seven things in his business so he did not know what it was exactly that had screwed up his whole business. He made $0.00 for a whole month. This is because of the one little change of the video. Because he changed so many different things at the time, he did not know until one month later, when he changed back to the old video, what the reason was for his failing business.

Why does this happen?

This person broke a fundamental rule of business. This rule is when you are implementing multiple changes to improve your business, instead of implementing them all at the same time, implement them one at a time to see if the individual changes are making you more profit or not. If you make seven changes and something breaks, you will not know what exactly broke the business. You need controlled tests to make sure you do not waste time on making new changes.

The second rule in business is to keep testing everything. Test out a new video, test out a new sales call strategy, and test out how you do the contracts. Test everything to see if they are making you more money.

The third rule is to base your decisions completely on fact, not just on your gut feeling that is now being developed because you are new to this. Make decisions that are based on an actual change in the dollar amounts in your bank account. When you make a change you need to see an increase in the amount of money you are making, an increase in the amount of clients that are coming back to you, an increase to the amount of sales you are getting per month, and also an increase in how long employees keep working for you.

This is what really works in business: making changes, one change at a time, in your business to the different processes and testing out what is generating you more money. I have used this process for the past six years and it has generated a lot of sales for myself and my clients.

You can even apply this to seven-figure companies. I remember implementing this on a company website where we changed one sentence on their page and they were making $1 million more in revenue per month. This was just one title! These small changes can generate huge changes for a company. This supports what everyone really wants: a lot of reward for little effort. This is why these rules are valuable and you should test them out.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.