How To Monetize Your Business Faster Than Anyone Else

I’ve just been given the paradigm shift of the year – monetize your business from the beginning to create a funnel of success like you’ve never seen before.

I know that in the past I’ve told you to give away your best information for free, and that principle still stands strong. It is an excellent way to build an audience, build the needed trust with that audience that you’re invested in their future, and get your brand out in the open as quickly as possible.

Monetize Your Business From Day One

When you give away every bit of information that you’ve compiled in your mind for free (on YouTube or a blog, for example), you are forced to learn new things. This is of course a beautiful fact, the importance of which cannot be understated. However, from day one, you should offer something that people will pay for.

Now Your TIME Is Worth Money

This is a game-changing revelation because it influences the way you perceive everything that you’re doing. Suddenly, your time is worth money. Suddenly, you have extra cash to hire people to do work in your business so you don’t have to do everything yourself. With this comes infrastructure. Your ability to delegate responsibility effectively will save you a massive amount of work and time in the long run. Use a plan to monetize your business to help build this ability.


A Lesson From Two Entrepreneurs

I’ve been a marketing consultant for over a half decade, so why have I changed my mind a bit on the topic of monetization? Two of my most successful mentors, entrepreneurs themselves, told me that I wasn’t doing things the best way. They told me the free content on every level thing was great, but I need to offer a paid service as quickly as possible. Interestingly, the two of them said the same thing without having heard the other’s advice. Monetize from day one.

Now, rather than figure out WHY these guys were telling me the exact same thing at different times, I just decided to try it out and implement the plan of day one monetization. I organized a basic understanding of what I was going to offer, and began my program of action that same day. I put on my YouTube channel a message that essentially said, “Hey all of this content is free and will continue to be free, but I am ALSO currently offering a PAID SERVICE with even BETTER content…”

The Monetization Epiphany Revealed

 Within FIVE minutes, I had a new client. A good one, too. Within one hour, I had a second client. The next morning? Two more. That’s four clients since LAST NIGHT.

So what changed? I changed my mindset. I changed the way I perceived my own venture from simply offering value to a path to monetizing the business. This opens your mind to your funnel of wealth, how much people a willing to pay for your services, and how to best create income for your business.

Now, listen – free content is great. You should continue to do it, continue to video blog, write posts as I’m doing, and hand out your best information as soon as you get it. But, always remember – you have a business. Businesses have to make money, no way around that, and you need to as well.

How To Implement This – Starting Today

If you invest your time in your clients businesses through paid services, if you can improve their results in a tangible way – that’s real value for them, and it is more than a fair bargain. So, starting today, I want you to convert all of your contacts into a business. I want you to reach out to them and ask, “Which of my services are you willing to pay for?”. Even if you have 5 views per video, start reaching out to people you know RIGHT NOW, and start implementing the skill to get in the habit. You never know what could happen.

Think of this as a springboard for your future. You don’t have to do the same exact model forever. Right now, I’m doing one-hour coaching, and that is growing my business exponentially, but that doesn’t mean I will always do it this way. Even if I just learn WHAT people are will to PAY, it’s well worth the short-term investment of time and attention – and it’s making money in the short-term as well. The future of your business will of course be long-term, however. It’s the beginning of a larger journey towards finding a way to monetize your business. Join the movement.

Create A Funnel of Wealth

In other words, I am selling my time for money right now with a plan to leverage that knowledge to create ANOTHER money-making product in the future. It naturally follows that once the product is released, I will no longer have to sell my time… I will just sell the product. Are you beginning to see how a funnel of income can be created?


Another to way to expand your business in a successful but gradual manner and make it scalable is to hire people who you train how to do what you do. If you train people how to hire, train others themselves, and progressively grow your brand, suddenly you’re not alone in selling your time or services. You’re paying an employee and selling their time. Then, just like an information product, your business is scalable to a high degree.

These ideas are the foundation of a six, seven, or even eight-figure business. I highly encourage you to try this out. Still, pay attention to the other ideas I’ve taught you – offering value as the key to beginning success, creating a funnel, and attracting clients the sustainable way. But keep your eyes on how you are going to monetize your business early, and hit the market with storm – you’ll thank me later. You yourself can contact me for an even more in-depth explanation of these ground-breaking concepts.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.