How To Learn Copywriting

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Emmanuel’s #1 skill is copywriting and in this video he is going to reveal how he has learned that skill. Emmanuel is a magical speaker, because he knows how to structure stories. He has a 7-step process to learn copywriting.

There’s really no formal education you need. Some of the top-paid copywriters in the world never went to college or took a writing class!

Teaching yourself copywriting feels like a difficult task. But it doesn’t need to be so hard, if you apply a solid system. A good learning system stretches beyond writing techniques. You also need to understand the structure of good copy, how to streamline your writing process, and learn to evaluate your own writing.

Emmanuel knows that having one skill set that you are exceptionally good at is extremely important and is a vital part for business success. He started reading many books and started learning how to learn the right skillset.

Emmanuel started training like an athlete. They spend more time practicing than playing games. Most people are just doing things over and over again and if you do this, you will not become exceptional. If you want to become great, you have to practice more than you actually play. Emmanuel spends more time studying and analyzing great sales letters than writing the actual sales copy.

Another very important part in becoming a great copywriter is to have a coach. All the money that Emmanuel was making from working with clients was invested in getting a coach. He had calls with his mentors once or twice a week and he was paying them $3K per month each.

They gave him harsh feedback on what he was doing. As a result, he started rewiring his brain to be an exceptional copywriter. He followed the process that the brain needs to follow to improve his skills and become great.

You should spend more time analyzing great media campaigns that made millions of dollars, learning about how to be a media buyer, practicing media buying such as creating test campaigns for specific products, focusing on optimization and campaign setup.

Here are a few more tips on how to become a great copywriter:

  • Work on your customer avatar
  • Understand your customer in the deepest way possible
  • Make your sentence very compelling so that one sentence makes you want to read the next
  • Work on the very best headline you could possibly write
  • What would make your copy the highest conversion and then reverse engineer

Anyone who wants to learn a skill should become familiar with the science of delivery practice.

For one year period Emmanuel went from completely average to a world class expert. In addition to that, Emmanuel went from not making a single dollar with his copy to making over $3 million dollars in sales.

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