How To Improve Willpower (Newly Discovered Method To Build Willpower)

When well-known copywriter, Matt Cook, started in the business three years ago, he was doing the willpower method. All he had was his willpower. He would sit there and will himself to work all day.

Three years have gone by and the willpower method had worked out well and got him to a certain point on establishing a business that was working. When he had a cash flow coming in he started to see if he could use a different method to get work done and in a much more productive way.

A different method

First, he noticed that a way he was very productive was when he would hop on a call with one of his fellow copywriters, brainstorm a copy, and write during collaboration. He noticed that this made him fully engaged for the whole call. It did not matter if it was a three or four hour call, but Cook’s mind did not feel like taking a break.

Meanwhile, Cook had cash coming in. He took a lesson from Peter Drucker and realized that you need to have focused chunks of time.

Now, he is paying his junior copywriter $25 per hour with the only function to just sit with Cook while he writes copy. They schedule this four times per week at the moment and these meetings start at 10 AM sharp. He wakes up at 9:45 AM with the mentality of, “Wow, I have 15 minutes until I meet with my junior copywriter who is waiting for me and expecting me to show up.” Normally at 10 AM he would be still in bed or wasting his time doing something meaningless, he now has an accountability to get up and be productive at 10 AM. For three hours straight these two work together and that Cook is completely engaged.

You may think that he is giving someone money for nothing, because, to be fair he does not contribute that much. He is just learning and is a hard worker, but is not doing much currently because he is not an advanced copywriter. All he’s doing is just being there so it may seem like an expense.


The fact is, Cook is completing more work than he normally would in a whole day in just those three hours because his mind is going at full power for three hours straight. This is a better option than writing for a bit, going for a walk around the apartment, and taking a break to play a quick five-minute game of chess. This is three hours of the junior copywriter expecting him to go all out – stuff gets done!

That payment, although it seems like it’s not very much, is more of an investment. When cook works at that speed he understands that his time could be worth something like $250-$550 per hour. He’s producing work that will earn him that amount and maybe even more in the long run. $25 in the end is nothing but a pure investment. Plus, he gets the added benefit of a copywriter being around him so the junior copywriter gets better as well. Basically, he is paying a junior copywriter to be the boss, but the benefit is to everyone. It is not about someone being a boss but it is about getting stuff done.

This way, you put pressure on yourself from a financial point of view. And because it schedules you and commits you to someone else, additional pressure is created to reinforce you to follow through. If you are really committed to your business and you want to make it grow, you are not going to skip out on it but you are going to show up and give it your all.

Is it more stressful?

Matt has proven that it works. If you think that this is too much pressure, remember that we have tested it out and Matt says it is amazing. He says he looks forward to it so much and that it is actually fun because the feeling when you are actually engaged feels fine. He has been copywriting for almost two years now and coming up with ideas and the creative process is fun, but grinding at work by himself tends to not be fun sometimes. Know that engaging is super fun, so it is less stressful. It is also less stressful because of the fact that he knows that he’s getting more work done.

A second objection that might come up in the situation may be, “Oh,even using willpower? You are weak!”

This is why this concept is a new paradigm. An older paradigm for him was relying on that willpower, and if you just leave behind the old paradigm you can then accept cash coming into your business. This new way is more beneficial to you, more productive, you feel better throughout the day, and your business is growing faster. You also don’t have to feel bad or beat yourself up that you are not using willpower anymore because you have ascended willpower and you are doing something that is better for you in the long run.

As your business grows, what do you think happens in a big company? Do you think that the CEO is just sitting there and expanding his willpower and going home to build up his willpower over and over?

He actually has dozens of employees and executives who are in charge of stuff in his business. They come to him and tell him what they need to get and they put it into his schedule to talk about it. He cannot do everything alone because it is not possible when your company starts growing. This is not only for billion-dollar companies as you can start with this very early on. You don’t need any certain dollar amount to start doing this in business but you can start talking to people and asking them to hold that role of holding you accountable. They can then be on the calls to make sure you’re fully functional and engaged.

Anyone can do this

CEOs do this and big companies use this, but anyone at a beginner level can do this as soon as they can start to afford it.

To make it clear, if you are in a six-figure or bigger business, you can hire someone who is not the most expensive person ever, who is able to sit with you and listen well. They should also be a good person to bounce ideas off of. You can hire someone on Skype just to see if your productivity improves initially. If you run a bigger company like seven or eight figures, you can hire someone specific for that task.

If you’re doing some work-related task like writing an article, you can hire a copywriter that has a different skill set than just writing articles. He can make it more compelling and be able to come up with different approaches to what you are doing. Two brains almost automatically work better. It is synergy. Three brains work even better!

Just be creative with this and realize that the end goal of what you are trying to achieve is to leverage yourself by having someone else hold you accountable. Ask yourself the question, “how can I have someone else hold me accountable to make sure that I am fully engaged and working to my full potential?” Then do an Earl Nightingale exercising a list out answers to that question.

You can find people to help hold yourself accountable HERE in our large community of hustlers, entrepreneurs, and people who are looking for success. Hold yourself accountable and find someone who can hold you accountable!

Aleksander Vitkin

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