How To Get Qualified Leads For Cold Calls (Video Training)

In this article, I’m going to train you how to find leads. If you’re sick and tired of calling leads who’re unqualified, annoyed about the fact you can’t close a sale, and the leads who don’t want to buy from you – part of the solution is pre-qualifying the leads.

I will teach you how to pre-qualify the leads, how to check who actually needs your services, and how to find prospects, who could potentially need a new website. My favourite technique is to call people, to call people who’re advertising on Google – from this you know that they’re spending money to get clients. This is very important, that they’re spending money to get new clients.

Let’s assume I live in Los Angeles, for example, and that we’re going to be calling dentists, who may potentially need a new website. In Google, type in the search bar ‘dentists Los Angeles’, and you’ll immediately be able to see from the search results that there are a lot of ads. The people paying to advertise on Google are already spending a lot of money (approximately a few dollars to get a click at the top of the search results), they already know that they need leads, and that to get these leads they need to spend a lot of money.

They also know that if they improve their website, they will increase the amount of money they’re making. These guys are much more qualified for you to sell to, than someone else. If you go through the first few pages of results, you’ll realise the sheer volume of ads there are (you’ll see more ads if you live in the area you Google search). I’m surfing from Asia, and I’m seeing a lot of ads – if you use a proxy from Los Angeles, you’ll see even more.

What you want to do is check out the potential candidates: click on one of the search results. As someone who sells websites, you should research the top guys; research what they do, that others aren’t doing. Then when you call the guys who’re doing less well, and not ranking as highly, you can tell what their competitors are doing better, and then tell them that you can provide this level of service, and more. For example, we can improve your conversion, we can implement such and such on your website. You can become a dentist website expert – just by looking at the top guys in Los Angeles, New York, and London (all the big cities).

Especially if you live in a smaller country, and you’re calling local dentists in Sweden, who have no idea what’s going on, who don’t even know how to put a phone number on their website. If you can go to the smaller guys in Sweden, and you can show them what the successful guys do in America, and that you can provide a similar service for about $2000, they’re going to be much more interested, instead of calling up the smaller dentists, without having a specific game plan as to how you can make a better website for them.

Do your research, find out what the top guys are doing, and contact your local dentist, and offer them an improvement. When looking at the top guy’s websites, you may even see that better advertised websites are lower down in the search rankings. Things to look for out for on a good website are: how easy it is to read, how easy to figure out what to do, how easy it is to find opt-in, video to grab, and how the website retains attention.

Of course the websites you’ll be looking at won’t be perfect, you can also refer to landing pages, and learn a lot, you could implement what you learn from this on the websites you design. If you can improve your potential client’s results by 1%, it’s already worth their time to spend a couple of thousand dollars – on a new landing page, or new website.

That’s how I qualify my leads, that’s how I do my research. If you follow my process, I guarantee you more results, better clients, and better leads. Try it out in your business, and let me know how it goes; if you have any questions, comment down below.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.