How To Build a Freedom Business (The Truth)

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Hi, this is Aleksander Vitkin and today I’m going to talk about if it’s actually possible to build a freedom business. In this video, I’m going to cover what is and isn’t real and what you can and should aim for and what you should probably stay away from.

We’re going to take a look behind the scenes of the so-called Instagram millionaires and we’re going to take a look at what actually works and what you should focus at, as a current or future business owner if you want to build a big beautiful business. I’ve noticed that business is not four hours a week, so I think we can all agree on that.

You’re not going to be running a business from a pool with business just running for four hours a day and the rest of the time, you just spend in boats or just having fun, that’s off the table completely. But what people actually realize is business requires you to spend more time than a job. In a job, yes you can work nine to 12 hours a day, most people work eight to nine hours a day and they spend an hour and a half in traffic.

In business, you’re constantly thinking about it, even if you’re not working. I recommend working eight to 10 hours a day on business, yes, but the rest of the time, sure you can go hang out with friends, you can do gym, yoga, mountain climbing, rock climbing, sports, but at a certain level, you’re constantly engaged with business. I just came back from a dinner with 11 super-successful guys, all of them are running six and seven figure businesses.

We were talking about business most of the time and the rest of the time, we were talking about just funny things that happen and just funny things in our lives and people next to us, they were like: ”These guys are so loud, they’re talking about the same kind of things, the whole table.”

It’s because we’re entrepreneurs. The main thing we’re thinking about is business, because we’re really passionate, interested and engaged with it, we’re focused on it, it’s the thing that drives us. The simple truth is, we work more and we work harder and smarter than any employee that I’ve ever seen.

It is about taking on more responsibility as you’re developing yourself, you’re improving yourself, so that you can take on more responsibility, so that you can influence the world more in a better way and in a more significant way. And if you listen through interviews by co-founders of Facebook or Elon Musk and other really successful billionaires and entrepreneurs, this is what they’re focused on, because it gets boring. Sitting there with your laptop next to the pool, it just gets boring.

If you have a purpose, if you’re doing it for a reason, it doesn’t get boring, you just keep improving and you keep growing stuff and you keep getting more influence and more people are interested in what you’re doing, you’re gathering a sort of following and you’re improving people’s lives, that is worth it and that’s what I’ve always been focused on.

So I would not focus on the freedom, I would not focus on the lifestyle as the main driver in business, I’d focus on impact, changing people’s lives and improving things around you, making you more efficient. This is what entrepreneurs are good at, this is our purpose.

If you want to focus on that, business is for you, if you don’t, if you just want to make $5,000, go to Asia and Tinder, there’s high-paying sales jobs and you can just learn sales and just do that for a while, no problem at all or you can be an online freelancer, but business is for people who want to take on more, they want to take more risk, they want to grow something, they want to improve people’s lives and so on.

If you have the wrong motivation, if you’re doing it for the wrong reason, you’re likely to fall off the horse, because it gets very tempting to just let it be for a while, just be that focused for a while, because it’s hard work and it’s grueling to focus for many years on a single thing. This is what separates real success from average or failure, this persistent, consistent focus, year after year after year. If you want this, if you want this absolute obsession and passion, maybe business is for you.

If you want this type of work, where you’re working this hard, business may be for you. If you don’t, again, just get a high-paying job, no problem at all, business is not for everyone. Although, I do believe that most people can run a business and most people should run a business, no matter how crazy it sounds to some people, How is that possible, Aleks? It’s completely possible.

What should you focus on?

So let’s say you’re starting off now and you’re saying, Okay, yeah so, I do want the freedom, I just don’t know, should I want to contribute to other people? Just commit to learning the skills that are in high demand and commit to building something that people actually want to pay money for. Prove without a doubt, by getting people to pay you, that this is what they want to pay for, then focus all your time on it, learn the skills and keep developing the skills and then surround yourself with other entrepreneurs, follow a proven working business model and grow the business, make this the main focus of your life and build the other parts of your life around that.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.