How To Become Happier (The Truth) – Secrets To Happiness

When dealing with business, building a business, and running a business, happiness is a big factor that contributes to your success and the success of those that you work with.

When I was growing up in Belgium the perceived method to get happiness consisted of: graduate high school and college, get an awesome degree and become a doctor or lawyer, get married to your high school sweetheart as soon as possible, get a mortgage at the age of 24, build your house with a fence and a dog, and have, on average, 1.9 children. This is what a survey showed that people wanted in high school in Belgium. From that day I found that I was the exception and that I was not into those things.

After I went to college I found a different formula worked better for me than the socially conditioned path people tended to follow to find happiness.

What is happiness necessarily?

To me happiness is a feeling you get from time to time. This is a positive feeling response from your brain that you did something good. Everyone wants to maximize their happiness and good feelings don’t they? Happiness is not a permanent state or thing you have, but it is counter balanced with periods of where you are neutral or unhappy for a while, and that is normal. People tend to say that you can be permanently happy and this can be true if you want very little in your life and you force yourself to be content with that. This is one form of happiness.

By reading this I am assuming you want to go out and get wealth, happiness girls, something you already do not have, and do cool things like travel and have fun. If this is what you want we can focus on what happiness is for go-getters – people who want to go out and get what they want.

I have always experienced the most happiness when I made important life decisions and stuck to them. One of these is focusing most of my time on what I am good at. I am good at videos, teaching people, and sales so I do them every single day. I am developing these skills as deeply as I can until I master them. Every time I make progress I experience a feeling of happiness.

Would I be happy to be lying on the beach or taking a holiday?

When people ask me what I do on holidays, I do not understand it. I do not need to take one or two weeks off. At the most I take off about a half day on a Sunday because I do not want to take more time off, but I want to get back and do more of what I love and what I am good at and became good at. This is one of the best ways for me to find happiness.

The second point on how to find happiness involves balance. Business and hustle are great and they work for me. However, when I have not balanced health, relationships, and business well in my life, I did not feel happy and everything became dull and boring. I found variety and balance are key to getting happiness and those good emotions.

The last point to make is that I never really focused on getting happiness. Trying to get happiness does not actually make you happy. If I focus 89% of my time on hustle and doing what I really love and the rest of my time on balancing everything out while not trying to “get the happiness,” the focus on improving myself, helping other people push forward, and contributing back to the world is when I have found the most happiness. I was not looking for happiness but I could look back after the fact and think that those were the kinds of days that I want to have for a long time.

Choose Your Own Path

You are allowed to disagree with all of this because this all depends on your personal needs. I can tell you how awesome it is to make decisions, travel, run awesome businesses, and how this can lead to fulfillment, but I want you to make a decision for yourself. Listen to myself and multiple people but make a decision for yourself on what you really want to do and what your needs are right now.

I would like to encourage you to follow this path to entrepreneurship, success, and hustle. Every single person I have met that does this is more satisfied, more fulfilled, generally healthier, wealthier and has better relationships than people who just follow the traditional, beaten path, get jobs and get married early. People who are hustling, doing scary and interesting things outside their comfort zone in their 20’s, 30’s, or even past that, are typically the most satisfied, fulfilled, and well-rounded individuals I have ever met in my life and I intend on being just like them. I want to be just like the people I look up to and the people I see at 40 who are super happy, super grounded, and super awesome.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.