How Luca Got $4000 in Sales After 1 Piece Of Advice

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Aleksander: Hi, this is Aleksander and I’m here with Luca and Luca he’s actually not a member of the Business Mentor insiders. He applied to join and he came to our live event

this year where we had 40 people and he talked to me, talked to some other guys and he was able to expand his online marketing agency. We’re gonna talk about that. We’re gonna talk about the results he got and what made the change for him. So, we’re also gonna be|talking briefly about how Luca decided to get into the agency business in the first place ’cause I|think that’s quite interesting how he started. Actually, welcome Luca. Nice having you here. So, how did you end up starting your agency career, let’s say?

Luca: Hi Aleks, thanks for inviting me for this interview. Yes I have like a kind|of particular story, because I’m an engineer, but I decided that this was in my way. So, two years ago I started in the affiliate marketing industry because everybody was saying that that’s the easiest way to start your own business. You don’t need to have product.

You don’t need to have anything, and I started doing this business model with Facebook Ads.  to be honest after two years in spending hundreds of thousands of euros in advertising, I found myself with almost nothing in my pocket. I made like five figures open.

Almost seven figures investing in the Facebook Ads. But this gave me the possibility to like have good a training about the Facebook Ads than what I’m specifically focused on. And back in January, a friend of mine who actually knew my situation he told me “listen with you expertise level, “it’s not smart to keep going on with this business model” because he actually knew that I had some major issues with affiliate network didn’t pay me. Companies didn’t go very well and I also was putting my money on the table and risk them, so it’s much smarter if you focus on… If you switch to the agency model and use your case studies to actually show clients that you know what you’re talking about and start managing the ads for them.

So back in January this year, I started with this business model and then at the beginning of March, I moved to Barcelona and to be honest I had already started towards sending out proposals and I also managed to close like one client.

At the beginning I was struggling a little bit. Then it’s where you come in, because I was invited to the event in Barcelona to Mario and Emmanuel and the other guy. I don’t remember the name who hosted. Mohammed, yeah him. And was great because there was a lot of value in this event and I actually remember asking you “This is my situation, what would you do?” and you gave like a couple of tips. And is started implementing these tips and these actually helped me to accelerate the process of sending out my proposals and thinking more about numbers, so how many response I get with this kind of the written proposals or with other kind of funnel and things like that. Of course then it was a trial and error process because you like you never think, after like one month or month and a half I was able to close two clients.

And today after let’s say three full months I switched to the agency model. I’m close with this 5K month in revenue.

Aleksander: That’s pretty good, yeah. Good results. Basically you were doing low five figures in profit from the affiliate business which you spent two years on, but it wasn’t great learning school for how to run ads and then you switched to Agency Business Model because of how profitable it could be. So now you’re already going to leverage that, you’re gonna leverage that to build an ecom business, right?

Luca: Yes. The main difference that I can tell you is that first of all I wasn’t risking my money anymore and that’s benefiting business wise and major change. Second of all with the business model, I’m actually managing a Facebook ad account that is spending one million a month. That’s a lot. It’s like I’m obliged to go to the next level, because otherwise I couldn’t keep up with this client and I think that this is probably the best way I can learn to start my own business, because I can learn from other people’s, let’s say mistakes, but maybe I don’t know if this is the right word. And this I think that it’s one of the major things in the agency model, because if you think in perspective and if you wanna have your own business, I don’t think there is a better way to learn actually doing things.

Aleksander: Yeah and of course if they’re running successful seven figure ecom businesses, you can learn from them how they’re running their seven figure ecom businesses and then you can build your own seven figure ecom business and they don’t mind as long as you don’t copy you know, their suppliers and their exact niche usually they don’t mind. Especially if you make a deal with them. That’s what a lot of guys do.

Usually after two, three years of being an agency model usually their leverage, the money that their agency is making, because it very expensive to get into ecom. That’s why we don’t recommend getting into ecom from day one or eCommerce right, selling products on the internet in case you guys are totally new with this.

So, what you’re doing is you kind of did affiliate marketing to learn Facebook ads that rate our level, and then now you’re running the agency to learn more, but also to get some startup capital. Plus you got some startup capital, I think from the government, was it? And now you’re getting into ecom, so you’re gonna invest all the money from everywhere from all the sources into your ecom business. Do you want to go jump start and kind of go straight into the seven figure style business? What in your first half year of business, is this correct?

Luca: Actually as I was telling you before, this is the idea, because it got some shows from the UK government, because I was used to live there for two and a half years, in London, and I had already unsuccessful eCommerce… Trials before. Now I know why it didn’t succeed. And it’s like I already have my–

Aleksander: How did you find out why it didn’t succeed?

Luca: Well, because I think the main thing is that I didn’t have a strategy.First of all for ads,I wasn’t willing to lose money to quote data and understand.I think this is the major shift in mindset that I’m doing,because when you see somebody spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to test to find out what’s the best audience.The best credit,the best in pager whatsoever.You need to understand that this is probably one of the major problems for|people approaching to this,so I for sure wasn’t ready for that.In my mind I said, I didn’t have a strategy and I didn’t have capital back then,so all this to end, of course I didn’t have the knowledge that I was able to develop through out these three years that I’ve been doing Facebook ads.So, I think that these are the major points when it comes to approach and build. Hopefully a successful business, eCommerce business.

Aleksander: Well, that’s a very interesting and inspiring story Luca. So, thank you for coming here and sharing it with us. And then as for you watching this, if you’d like to see more case studies of guys into Facebook ads agencies or other types of agencies.

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