How Brian Built a Marketing Agency Business

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Hey guys, my name is Brian Lee, and I’ve been in BMI for about two years. I started my first agency with the BMI program. That was pretty awesome because before BMI I had a small publishing business, and I knew I wanted to get into entrepreneurship, I knew I wanted to learn more about it, I knew I needed skills, more skills, in order to scale, but it wasn’t until I joined BMI, did I really understand how to really build a real business. And actually create an agency. 

Within the first two weeks that I started with BMI, I already got my first clients, so I thought that was pretty awesome, and after a couple of months, I was already making close to six times as much as I was with my little publishing business. So I thought that was amazing, there’s amazing mentorship within the group, just interacting with all the members, there’s a big community feel, and Alex definitely knows what he’s talking about, and there’s just a lot of support with the group. 

How it was before, I was struggling, I was doing, I was spending a lot of hours working, but I wasn’t really working smart, and after the program, I would say that I worked a lot smarter, I learned to use leverage a lot more, and just the information, it’s really helpful in scaling my business.

So, I would highly recommend BMI, definitely if you’re a person that is looking to build a business, a sustainable business, a Long term sort of business, then I would say this is for you. If you’re looking for a short term get rich quick scheme, I would say this is not really the thing, but if you’re looking for something action packed, and you’re ready to take good action, then I would highly recommend BMI.

Before BMI I would say that I was someone who didn’t have a whole lot of skills, I had these micro skills, in algorithms, and understanding certain little aspects, but I didn’t understand the core skills of business, like sales, marketing, that sort of stuff, so I definitely learned a whole lot, and nowadays I feel a lot more confident when I get on a sales call, or in a sales interaction, than I was before. I was also not really traveling a whole lot, I was stuck in one place, so I was working 14 hours per day but not really getting a whole lot of results, now I’m traveling a lot more, and I’m able to make more money, and not spend as much time working, as well, and just enjoying travel a little bit more for myself.

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