7 Steps That You Need To Build a Business On Fiverr

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Aleks: Hey, this is Aleksander Vitkin and in this video we’re going to tell you the seven steps that you need to get started on Fiverr build a business on Fiverr. So how to get leads on Fiverr, how to close the leads, how to set up your profile, we’re gonna covering the best and the most important steps you need to take right now when you’re getting started. Or if you’ve been struggling for a while, you don’t know exactly how to grow your Fiverr account, so that if you get lots and lots of leads, I’m here with Damiano who has a six figure business, well, most of his business last year actually came from Fiverr and he’s just crushing it right now.

He’s ranking really high in all kinds of categories and is doing extremely well overall, so he’s very qualified to tell us the steps he’s taken so that you can replicate some of his results. So, welcome Damiano.

Damiano: Hey, Alex, how’s it going? Thanks for having me.

Aleks: So, what is the first step, like, how do people get started so they get ranked high and they get lots of leads and sales from Fiverr that are not just a few dollars but eventually more?

Damiano:  Yeah, I think what’s really important to understand for new sellers getting started on the marketplace is that Fiverr is, it’s a freelance marketplace and they really care a lot about their rules.

So the first thing I would say is really, even before starting to sell your service or anything like that you should really get familiar with the terms of service on Fiverr. The terms of service, you know, it’s not that long, it’s not like most websites, you can go through it within a few minutes. And just understand them inside out because you don’t want to be stuck in a position, where, you know, you do something that goes against the terms of services and then they ban your account, and it’s very hard to get your account back once it’s been banned.

So I would say the first thing is really get familiar with the terms of services, inside out. Read it like the Bible, pretty much.

Aleks: Just, out of all the terms that are available, because people may think, yeah, but it’s boring, it’s a waste of time, why is it important? Just name one example of what could go wrong.

Damiano: Yeah, for sure. I mean, like, a new freelancer who hasn’t worked on a freelance marketplace, for example, might have a reaction to be like, hey, it would be a lot easier if you just call me on the phone, for example. Or, here, send me an email. These are all things that you cannot do on the Fiverr marketplace. You can’t communicate with the customer outside of the marketplace, and a lot of new sellers don’t know that and they end up getting their accounts banned because they give out their email addresses or they ask customers for their phone numbers, and things like that. That would be like the number one thing, is just try as much as possible to have all of your communication be on the actual marketplace. Other than that it’s just things like, you know, you don’t wanna have any copyright violations on your gigs.

Just make sure that, you know, if you’re offering, like, a Facebook related gig, for example, then your gig is specifically targeted towards Facebook ads, that you’re not doing anything that goes against Facebook’s terms of services as well. ‘Cause you don’t want any sort of violation coming from that as well.

Aleks: So after reading terms of service, what is the next thing they should do?

Damiano:  Really familiarize yourself with the category that you want to compete in. So there are something like over 100 categories on Fiverr. And so, you know, just, like going through the categories, looking at who the top sellers are, and kind of understanding what people are looking for in this categories, then it’ll be a lot easier for a new seller to cater their

service to do really well and to rank really well in the marketplace.

Aleks: Right, and what are some good categories that you’ve heard of or that you have experience in?

Damiano:  So usually anything that has to do with creative services. So things like graphic design, you know, logo design. But also marketing services such as SEO, anything that has to do with ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, you know, YouTube ads. Usually you have to think kind of like an entrepreneur.

Most of the people on Fiverr, the buyers at least, are entrepreneurs, and so, you know, what it is that an entrepreneur would need in order to grow their business and then you can kind of offer that service. And so even things like social media management, things like, you know, creating, you know, cover photos for Facebook or Twitter and things like that, those are usually services that do really well.

And add anything that has to do with audio and video as well. There’s a lot people trying to, you know, get scripts made for their YouTube videos or have music produced, for example. All of these are great services to sell on the marketplace. And you can see by going through the category kind of how many reviews the top sellers have, and you can figure out what the best category for you to rank in would be.

Aleks:  Right, and I guess people think that Fiverr is just for some sales, like $5. That’s just the lead generation tool, right? That’s what they call in industry the tripwire? The real idea behind Fiverr is to take the clients that bought your tripwire, something cheap from you, and then turn them into high paying clients, is that right?

Damiano:  Yeah, that’s correct. So, most of the time, you know, the initial order that a client will place, you know, whether it’s $5 or $15 or whatever it is, it’s kind of like a test. If you beat all of your competition on service and you offer a really high quality service you already delivered for the client, most of the time you’ll notice that your client base is going to come back to you because it’s a safe thing to do. Because they already know that the service is high end, and so if somebody comes up to you for a logo you can keep the conversation going even after you’ve delivered the logo and find out if, for example, they might need a website. And so that might be something that you could deliver for them at a higher rate than what they paid.

Aleks: Right, so you could have a semi-automated small offer and then upsell them something a lot more expensive that is less automated, eventually, but has a bigger profit margin. So what is the next step? What is the fourth step that people should follow when they get started on Fiverr?

Damiano: I would say really understanding the level system on Fiverr. So Fiverr has an internal level system. There are three main levels that sellers can rank on. And according to the quality of your service, as well as your customer service you will go up in level.

And as you go up in level you’re going to get more and more traffic and that means more inquiries about your gig. And so I would say once you’ve figured out the terms of service, once you’ve figured out the category and the service that you wanna give, figure out how the level system works. Because without understanding the level systems, you wouldn’t be able to really do much on the marketplace in the long term. And so you can go to Fiverr.com/levels in order to read that stuff.

Aleks: So it’s highly encouraged to get to level two, essentially. Right, so that’s hard, that’s like an arts and a science in and of itself, I’ve heard. So, what is the next step? So let’s say they have this kind of figured out. So what’s the next step?

Damiano: Well, once you understand the levels system, I would say, you know, by now you should have done research into your category. You should have looked at, you know, the other gigs that are ranking really, really well. And so now it’s time to really make and optimize your gig. And so, you know, there are certain things that you can do to optimize your gigs. And so optimization of a gig is something that is an ongoing process, but your gigs is pretty much everything on Fiverr.

So you wanna make sure that your gig, it speaks to the type of customer that you’re going after. And that you’re optimizing it so that there are the right key words that you are looking for, your image is on point, and you’re basically making the customer comfortable with the fact that if he buys your gig, he’s going to get a high result at the end.

Aleks: What’s the next step?

Damiano: So once your gig is optimized, you know, you will be ready to understand your analytics. And so if you go into the seller tab and you click on analytics, you can see basically the main stats that you’re going to have to rank on in order to rank well into the marketplace.

One of those stats is your response rate. And your response rate is incredibly important. You know, you wanna ideally have a response rate that’s under three hours. So whenever you get a new inquiry you are getting back to that client within the first three hours, and ideally within one hour. Because you are going to get a lot more inquiries from people because they want to get their answers right away when they’re on the marketplace.And so, yeah, analytics, super important.

The seventh step is a bit of a trick. You know, it works now, I don’t know if it’ll work next year but, basically Fiverr has new initiatives that they launch pretty much all the time. And so one of their new initiative, for example, is their learn platform, and so they’re using that as a mean to teach sellers new skills that they can easily sell on the marketplace. And what happens is whenever you take a learn course from them, which is usually pretty cheap, they end up putting a badge on your profile. And that badge will allow you to rank better in that specific category where you want to sell that service.

So, if you end up taking a course on product photography, for example, and you become really good at, you know, editing photos on Photoshop and you get that badge, you start your first gig, your gig is going to rank better no matter what just because you have that badge.

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