5 Ways Matt Automated His Facebook Ads Marketing Agency

It’s Alexander Vitkin here, I recently sat down with Matt, one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members for a chat about how his business is doing.

Matt has achieved some incredible business results lately, and I thought I would share them with you. Last month his business did $21K in revenue and achieved very high-profit margins. He has been able to focus on signing up high-quality clients and to build systems into his business so that he can spend more time on high impact tasks such as signing up new clients and managing client relationships. 

How Did Matt Get to This Point? 

Matt says that in the past year he was not that focused on sales and bringing in new clients but was focused on trying to improve the quality of the service that his agency was offering. However, last month his agency was able to close 70% of the prospects that they pitched to and he says this is because their service improved so well that clients were able to see this and this convinced them to sign up for his agency's services. He has also started to see a lot of clients come to him through word of mouth referrals. Matt says that a great development in his business is that his client retention rate has gone up a lot so now his clients are sticking with his agency a lot longer. The lesson he says is that you should focus your efforts on providing the best possible service and in the long run, this will help you grow organically.

Matt has also managed to hire and hold onto a number of really good staff. He has realized that just getting good talent is not necessarily enough, you need to be able to create a really good work environment and allow people to work the way that they want to. As long as people have systems that deliver then he is OK with how they work. Matt can now spend his time managing projects and liaising with clients, leaving the project delivery to his dedicated team.

Matt’s agency aims to build long term relationships with their clients. They stopped trying to sign up clients on long term contracts and instead started to offer clients contracts whereby they are incentivized based on the results that they create for them. Matt says that once the clients started to see the difference between what they were doing and what everyone else was doing, then all of a sudden lot of clients started to come to him wanting to sign up. This really allowed them to stand out from their competitors, and at the same time get better results because the incentives were changed to make every party's incentives better aligned.

Matt has also implemented good processes and systems into his business to make sure that everybody in the team knows their role and can carry out their work much more efficiently. They have been able to automate a lot of the business tasks such as lead generation by hiring freelancers. For Matt, this has been a great thing to do for his business because it has removed all of the tasks that he doesn’t want to do so he can focus on more important tasks such as sales.

Matt says that he has tried to pitch his agency to clients as a ‘strategic partner’ more than just a service provider. When he gets on calls with clients, he will try to show how his agency can help the client in the long run and with all of their marketing needs. Matt has found this to be another good way to stand out from competitors and to be able to charge higher prices as his agency is able to provide more value for the client.

What’s Next for Matt?

Matt says that he is now completely financially secure right now and making more money than he can ever spend. But this isn’t going to stop him from growing his agency and helping more clients. He likes the fact that his role now within his agency is managing his people, making sure that his team is delivering, and making sure that his clients are happy. He says that he doesn’t even really consider it work, he loves what he is doing! Matt is now a BMI instructor and loves helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals. 

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