How To Choose The Best Marketing Agency Clients Who Pay More And Get Better Results


Mike: I’m trying to figure out like what is the common feature of all those people. You don’t find that many because those business models vary and they are different. But what is very interesting is that when they are doing recruitment they usually recruit not based on how many certificates you, but rather based on what was their conversation with you, whether they believe you deliver, whether they can trust you and usually they just want to start with like a smaller piece of work at the beginning or and then based on that actually like a small test.

They decide if they want to move foreword or not, right? Or for one of the clients we delivered a strategy that we meant to start with or the other one it was the same and I think it’s like a good way to put your foot in the door essentially, right?

We’re just saying that hey look actually why not start from something small? We’ll see how this is going and then once you build trust then they start working with you. And they also much prefer fixed solutions. We don’t want to be there just you know like working with you. and delivering stuff themselves.

They prefer to pay more and the prefer you to just do all of this stuff for them and make it as comfortable for them as possible.

Agencies would like to charge like three grand or five grand a month. Sure, that’s cool but we saw the opportunity and we’re like, okay so how about you only pay us $500 a month and we do Facebook ads for you, we do convergence optimization for the project management. We’re actually losing money on this but you also pay us (mumbles). It’s kind of like a no brainer for them because like why wouldn’t you offer such a deal, right? You need to have the confidence that you’re going to make money on this, but if you do like what’s the problem, right?

And in fact like even more so we’re so committed to that, initially they told us no. They were like, no, you know, we want this other agency to be working with us, right? But then I came back to them and I said, “Look, are you sure? “What are they going to budget for you?

“”Like what if you’re going to lose time and money “and in three months “you will lose like tens of thousands of dollars “to the business out there?” Test us for a month and see who’s better, right? And they were like, “Actually that’s a good idea.”

They agreed and after 30 days they decided to move forward with us and we won the deal. It’s not a good idea to do this if there’s like low opportunity but for the high opportunity, why not? Like you do anything to make it work, right? So right now we are like five months in and the revenue we are generating from this is already two and a half thousand dollars and the prospect is very positive and we are in the position actually where in the next six months we are planning to scale this campaign $200,000 a month which effectively means-

So this effectively means that even though we’re getting paid so little because we participated in the risk and because we developed a high trust level with the client we might get you know like anywhere between 10 and 30 thousand dollars a month from this single client, right?

So this is kind of, I think it’s also a good idea to go into, right? So the first type of deal was the deal where you get like a high revenues and it’s not time consuming so we have time to actually work on something else. This kind of the deal is a deal where you invest time and actually your assets but prospectively it can give you a much bigger return than other projects.

Aleks: Right so you’re thinking long term. So, you have your basic clients that are guaranteed revenue and then you have some clients where you take a risk but you put pressure on yourself to deliver because if you do deliver you get a much higher return on those clients. So you’re again thinking like an investor and not like I’m just a freelancer who’s getting paid for a project.

Mike: Exactly, in any case thinking as a freelancer thinking as I am just going to take their Facebook ads is going to fail because clients always need more than that and third like if you deliver you know like some CRO audit or I guess if you deliver like expire videos you can just deliver the product and forget but in the, that again relationship matters. Results matter and you need to invest yourself into this for it to work, right?

And the time and I personally think that the time of easy Facebook ads where you could just you know like do a simple funnel on Facebook ads and give some list to the dentist or a plumber is gone, right? Like it’s gone. You’re not going to make money on this, right?

So the other way to do it is to really find reliable business people to work with and then build a strong relationship and benefit greatly from that. So less project but higher quality.

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