3 Tips To Grow Your Business – Best Way To Grow Your Business

It appears that late payment and late delivery is running rampant in business right now. Some business today seems almost as if it is a game of how late you can pay someone. I encourage you to standout so you can make some more money by always being on time and having people like doing business with you.

What is a good measuring stick to see if you are doing a good job with your client relationships and if you are treating people fairly?

My mentor taught me a simple method rather than the many complicated methods out there with calculations and analyses. Ask yourself if most of your sales come from referrals and existing clients that repeatedly buy from you. Are your customers returning or are they mostly people you have to keep finding?

After about a year and a half if most of your sales are coming from existing clients and referrals then that is healthy for your business. Imagine that after a year and a half you have so many referrals and so many returning clients buying from you that you do not necessarily need to get cold leads anymore. This approach is healthy for a business because if an economy goes to crap your business is more likely to survive – economies do go to crap every few years, too!

If you are not getting a lot of referrals or repeat customers after a year and a half consider changing how you do your business, changing your strategy, changing what you pay attention to in your business, and changing how well you deliver your service and pay people.


Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.