This is How Yasir Quit His Boring Consultant Job and Created a Prosperous Facebook Marketing Agency

I would like to introduce you to Yasir Sultan. Yasir has been a member of the Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) program since February 2017. We asked him to share his story about how BMI has helped and improved his life. This is his story...

Yasir runs a Facebook ad agency that helps e-commerce businesses generate more revenue using Facebook and Instagram. They have been specifically focused on e-commerce for the last nine months or so which has proven to be a great decision.

Yasir joined BMI in February 2017 and was living in the Middle East at the time working as an ERP consultant. The job was paying him all right but was “boring as hell” so he started to look for a way out.

He found out about BMI online and started to watch the videos and do his research. He decided to book a call with Alek so he could learn more about the program. He initially has his doubts about the program, he wasn’t entirely convinced that BMI would be able to help him. He was skeptical when BMI told him that he would be able to make more money by setting up an online agency than he would in his job within four months of setting it up. He decided to join BMI and followed exactly what the instructions told him and was making more money then he was in his job within three months. At this point, he decided to quit his job and also moved to Toronto. 

What Did He Learn from BMI?

Yasir says one of the biggest things he noticed when he joined BMI was that every member really tries to help the other members out. It’s a really supportive environment, people are sharing everything because there’s enough money to be made for everyone. No one’s trying to put anyone down, everyone’s trying to help each other grow. Yasir says that he’s doing the same thing now himself, he wants to help new members out.

BMI also taught him how to think big, and how to think like a business owner. This was huge for Yasir as someone coming from a very ‘scarce’ mindset. This was a complete game-changer, it opened him up to a whole new world. A lot of courses online, he says, will teach you how to run your own Facebook ads, how to create messenger bots, they’ll teach you the technical skills, but no one’s teaching you how to think like a real business owner. The skills that he has learned so far, he says can be used to sell another service, not just Facebook ads. He says he could use them to sell maybe explainer videos or LinkedIn ads or whatever, it doesn’t matter because he now has the skills that he needs to build a business.

According to Yasir, being able to communicate with other BMI members is also a massive positive of the program. He got to learn from guys who started with nothing, and they grew their business up, it has been really inspiring. You get to see that it is possible. When you see other people do it live in front of you, it’s amazing and it’s a good feeling as well because you want others to succeed. It just really enforces your mindset so everyone’s trying to help each other grow and everyone’s looking out for the other person’s best interests as well, which is fantastic. The community’s tight-knit, Yasir says, which is great.

Did He Have Any Doubts Before Joining? 

Before he started with BMI he was very skeptical. He didn’t know what to expect and he didn’t think it was possible to make money so quickly. After getting on a call with BMI a lot of his skepticism was relieved. He says that anybody who has doubts should book a call with BMI to discuss their concerns with one of the instructors.

Who Is BMI For? 

Yashir says that it’s not for everyone. Some people like the whole nine to five lifestyle and the stability that comes with it. But if you want to have more control over your finances, if you enjoy having control over where you live, and you hate having a boss then you should definitely consider BMI.

He says that if you do decide to join then it is best to come in with an open mind, if you’re willing to put in the work and if you’re coachable and come in with a very beginner attitude towards learning and are willing to take criticism positively, then you should definitely join.

Where Is He Now?

Yasir says he is running his business and he really loves the freedom that he has. It really feels good, it feels really cool. He has been in business for 15 months now and says he is making more than three times what he used to. Overall he is just really enjoying life now and never wants to go back to working for someone else.

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