Yasir Boosts Revenue of Ecommerce Agencies with Facebook Ads

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My name is Yasir Sultan and I’m a member of the BMI since around January, February 2017, it’s been a long time and it’s been a great journey so far, I love it, it’s been amazing, I’m truly grateful and blessed to be apart of the community. I just wanna talk about how BMI has helped and improved my life.

The first question is, who am I, what is my business? You guys already know my name, Yasir, that’s Y-A-S-I-R, you can call me Yasir. And my business is I run a Facebook ad agency. I help e-commerce businesses generate more revenue using Facebook and Instagram as platforms. I’ve been specifically focusing on e-commerce for the last nine months or so, roughly. It’s been great so far.

When did I join BMI? It was around February 2017 and I was in the Middle East, I had a job as an ERP consultant, which was paying me all right, but it was boring as fuck, right? And I was looking for an escape, I was looking for a way out. I was torn, and when I found out about BMI, I never heard of Aleks Vitkin, I was a complete co-lead. I just found my chance, I was looking for answers and I found out about BMI and I decided to book a call. My limiting beliefs were really challenged cause these guys were basically saying I could make more money through this than I do in my job in four months of serious implementation or three months implementation. And that was like, how is that even possible? 

I was surprised, I wanted to believe it cause it was like wow, but at the same time, I just didn’t think it was realistic. I thought it was very sketchy. That was my thinking at that point. Because I’ve spent so much time, went to the Internet, went to an engineering school and I got a job within a software ERP consultant and I did all that work and now someone’s telling me, “Yo, you can make the same money in four months of implementation” and I wanted to find out if it’s actually possible.

So, I decided to join, followed exactly what the instructions told me and by the way, you have to put in the work, it’s not easy, you have to put in the work. I did that and I was actually making more money, around the same amount of money as my job in three to four months of implementation. I was like, “Wow.” This is insane for me. I decided to quit my job and that moment I left to Toronto and I wanna talk about the things that I’ve learnt in this group. One of the biggest things that BMI has taught me is the abundance mindset – How to think big. 

What I noticed was when I joined the community, and the places where I grew up, everyone was trying to compete with each other. Everyone was trying to one-up each other, everyone was trying to put the other person down so they can go up, right? And that’s what I’ve seen so I was very skeptical of people generally, so I was very cautious when I was getting into this. I took the chance because I want to believe it and I don’t really care about stability as much. I really never cared about that. I’m okay with taking risks, calculated risks in life, I don’t care, and I joined. 

The biggest thing I noticed that every member really tries to help the other person out. Everyone’s trying to help each other out. Coaches will help you out if you’re implementing, they’ll go out of their way to help you out even if they don’t need to. Which is wow, and people are sharing everything because there’s enough money to be made for everyone. No one’s trying to put anyone down, everyone’s trying to help each other grow and that was amazing for me.

Everyone’s giving so much value and that mindset was huge and I’m doing the same thing now. I want to help new members out, I reach out to them, they reach out to me, I get on a call with them even if I don’t need to. Everyone’s trying to help each other grow which is amazing, that was awesome. It taught me how to think big. This was huge coming from a very scarce mindset, 

I would say, that’s the scarce mindset of people who grew up around me, that’s surrounding my environment. This was a complete game-changer. Opened me to a whole new world, by the way. It helped me to think like a real business. This was huge because a lot of courses, they’ll teach you how to run your own Facebook ads, how to create messenger bots, they’ll teach you the technical skills, but no one’s teaching you how to think like a real business owner.

How do I actually think like a business owner? These skills that I have learned so far, I can use them to sell another service, not just Facebook ads. I could use it to sell maybe, explain videos to LinkedIn ads or whatever, it doesn’t matter because I have learned the skills that I need to build a business. That’s huge, it’s not one service, you can use these skills to sell other stuff, which is amazing. You get to see other successful members. This is also massive. 

I’ve seen guys who started off as nothing, literally nothing, seen them grow up in seven months, I’ve seen them making so much more than they were and I’ve seen the journey happens in front of my eyes so I know what is possible. I’ve seen how other coaches were back in 2014, you can scroll down the posts and you can see how they used to talk and how they have evolved over the years which is, you see this and you think, “Holy shit, if these guys can do it and these guys were like this before, then I can do it as well. Why can I not do this?” 

If this guy can do this, why can I not do this? That was huge. And you’ll see this and you’ll start believing in it, trust me, this is massive. When you see other people do it live in front of you, it’s amazing and it’s a good feeling as well because you want others to succeed. It just really enforces your own mindset so everyone’s trying to help each other grow and everyone’s looking out for the other person’s best interests as well, which is fantastic. The community’s really tight-knit, I really like that.

Before I joined BMI, I was in the Middle East, and I was working a job which was paying me all right but it was shit, I was driving two and a half hours a day in total, I was driving, back and forth. At 160 kilometers cause it was highway. It was ridiculous, five days a week I was doing this. And there was no time for anything else. I would come back, I would hit the gym, which was really challenging. And I would just go to sleep and I would just go out on the weekends and just drink, it was shit, it was terrible. I would think, “Is this for life? Is this how it is?” 

And I would see the other people living like that forever and I was like, “Dude, this is not for me.” I was living with my parents and I was helping them out financially and my mom is pretty sick and it felt like if I continue working a job, I don’t even like it firstly, let’s say if I plow through somehow, if I do it for the sake of the money, I’m gonna be miserable, I’m not gonna be able to help my parents out properly, I’m gonna resent them a little bit and it’s gonna be a vicious cycle I’m gonna pass this on to the next generation, it’s gonna keep going. I want to break that. I got out, I started traveling, I traveled for a long time. I went to several different countries. I did a lot of that, I did a lot of partying, got that out of my system and it’s been amazing and I have complete control over my location, my finances, my schedule, I can pretty much wake up when I want even though I prefer to be on a schedule now.

But I have the option of doing whatever I want which is amazing and I love that, I love the freedom aspect. It really feels good, it feels really cool. It’s been amazing, man, and I think much bigger now.

My goals now are so much bigger than they used to be three years back cause back then, I didn’t know what I actually wanted was possible but now I know exactly that I can achieve anything I want to achieve and that’s been because of what I’ve seen in the community, I’ve been part of the community and the mindsets that I have developed over the period of my time in BMI.

What were my doubts before joining? That’s a great question. Like I mentioned before, I was very skeptical. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t think it was possible to make money so much so quickly, so much as in more than my job. And I wanted to believe it. Maybe if I had done an MBA after my engineering which I had plans of, cause that’s how everyone was doing, and I had found out about BMI after that, you never know, maybe I wouldn’t wanna pursue BMI because I’ve invested so much into believing a certain way of MBAs and all that. 

When people invest so much in certain beliefs, they don’t want to believe anything else because otherwise they wasted their time, so they keep doing whatever they did even though it’s not going to get them results. That could’ve been possible, you never know, and that would’ve been shit. Like I mentioned, I don’t care about stability. That was what my parents wanting me to do it, but I knew this isn’t for me. I was always trying stuff. Another doubt that I had apart from money is initially I didn’t think it was possible to make money and travel by the way. This is a lot of beliefs that were challenged.

Who is this for? It’s not for everyone. Some people like the whole nine to five, they like stability, they like that as cool. But if you like to have more control over your finances, your own financial freedom, if you value freedom, which I personally do. This is my personal belief that I don’t want to report to anyone else, that’s one of the things that I enjoy. If you enjoy having control over your finances, having control over your location, if you hate having a boss and having someone to report to, having things in your own terms, then you should definitely consider BMI. You should definitely have a look at it. 

Come in with an open mind, because it can really help you with that and everyone has different goals, everyone has different reasons to why they want to do something, so it can definitely help you with the things that you want if you’re willing to put in the work and if you’re coachable and come in with a very beginner attitude towards learning and are willing to take criticism in a positive manner, then you should definitely look into it. I’ve been full time 15 months in business. I’ve been making more than three times my job what I used to, three four times my job. And that’s crazy and I couldn’t leave my job back then because I had a contract, it’s a long story, but the moment I got into this full time, I was making so much more so you can definitely get to that much more if you’re willing to do the things and follow the instructions.

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