Why Jonathan Quit Being a Realtor And Successfully Started a Digital Marketing Agency

I would like to introduce you to one of our Business Mentor Insider (BMI) members Jonathan. He has managed to build his digital marketing agency up to the point where they are regularly bringing in $10K per month or more of revenue while making 65% profit margins!

This is the story about how he got started and how he has managed to grow his business. Hopefully, it will inspire you to make a start on your very own entrepreneurial journey.

Before joining BMI, Jonathan worked as a real estate agent and he says that he was putting in long hours each week and was very rarely home. His job basically consisted of going apartment to apartment showing people around them. He says that while the money he was earning was fairly good he didn’t feel very happy in his job. This led Jonathan to start looking at alternative ways to make a living, and he says that starting an online business was something that really resonated with him, especially since you could work from anywhere.

What Did Jonathan Learn From BMI?

Jonathan joined BMI in July and started his agency business selling Google ad services while still working as a real estate agent. He says that in the beginning, he struggled to get motivated enough to really start pushing his new agency business. After a couple of months with the help of some of his new BMI friends, he started to focus more of his time on his agency and he started to see some good results. Within just three weeks he had made his first sale and this made him more convinced that what he was selling had a market for it. 

Jonathan says that being part of the BMI community and learning from more experienced entrepreneurs is a great motivator for him as he gets to learn new things every day. There is always someone on hand to talk to if you are having any problems in your business – and chances are they have had the same problem before! Having access to this collective knowledge and wisdom is amazing he says.

Another way BMI has helped Jonathan is by teaching him the art of making sales online. He says that through BMI he learned the best ways to communicate with prospective clients and how to take control of the sales call. Learning these vital lessons has helped Jonathan to set up a very successful sales funnel for his agency that ensures he is consistently signing up new clients. 

According to Jonathan learning all about how to scale his business has been a huge positive from joining the program. He now has the knowledge to be able to scale his business to a much larger number of clients and much higher revenues, and in a much shorter period of time then he previously thought possible. Through BMI he learned how to automate every aspect of his business, including how to use automation software and how to hire top quality freelancers to carry out project delivery. He now has a great team of freelancers that he works with daily.

Did Jonathan’s Experience Working in Real Estate Help Him Start His Agency?

Jonathan says that in his old job as a real estate agent he became very comfortable talking to clients and trying to convince them to lease or buy the properties he was representing. He also now targets other real estate agents as prospective clients for his Google ads agency. The point here is that if you have skills in one industry then they can be used in another like starting an online agency. According to Jonathan one of the best parts of BMI is that they will help you fill all the gaps in your knowledge and teach you all of the skills that you are missing in order to become successful. 

Who Should Join BMI?

Jonathan recommends BMI to anyone that is prepared to put in the hard work. He says that if you want to start an online business the most important thing you can do is to make a start. Even if you just research an idea and work out the steps involved to make it happen – this will help propel you onto the next stage and build some momentum to actually start getting something going. Jonathan says one of the best things you can do is find someone who has already started a business and ask them questions so that you can learn everything you need to know. This will also help to motivate you on your own journey too.

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